Cheap Christmas recipes

Cheap Christmas recipes to spend these dates without stress.

Although it may not seem like it, one can spend these dates spending just enough and preparing a menu of which you take away the hiccups. In addition to all the Christmas tips we give you to succeed on these dates and a special Christmas recipe , which you should consult.

We will call it an anti-crisis Christmas menu, which although we are on such intimate dates it seems that the cost of January has been brought forward .

From yummy recipes we offer you some cheap menus to be able to spend the holidays without emptying your pockets excessively . Nor is it that we have to eat lentils on such special days.

Although if they are with fish broth and we accompany them with a good piece of monkfish they can be better than any delicatessen in the best restaurant.

And it is that in the days of our parents, in Galicia and specifically in Ourense, Christmas was otherwise. Dinners and lunches were not as opulent as they are now, pork products competed with cod, home-raised chickens or kid on festive agapes.

We will use ingenuity so that your celebration does not disappoint the guests because of the crisis. Good, nice and cheap menu. And if you want to see many more options, don’t forget to visit our Christmas Recipes special .

Christmas snacks

The appetizers can be different, it is not necessary that we fill the whole table with seafood, in the blog you will find some originals, even exotic ones, that can be to receive your guests and incidentally catch that appetite point for the great banquet.

The protagonist is Swedish smoked salmon and pork sirloin , which is very well priced right now. I also recommend these three dishes so that you have a choice, a cream spread for peppers, an exquisite salad and some pieces of Galician pie with an original filling and according to these dates.

Baba ganoush or mutabal recipe Baba Ganoush or Eggplant Cream:  A fine cream, very soft and exotic on the palate that we can accompany with a bit of crispy bread or freshly baked pita, raw vegetable sticks such as carrots, celery or cucumber. As simple as preparing a few roasted aubergines mixed with tahina, lemon juice, garlic and cumin. Dressed with a good extra virgin olive oil and a little paprika or sweet paprika, it is a classic in Mediterranean cuisine.

Tomato carpaccio recipe Raf tomato carpaccio with reggino parmesan and royal pesto:  This recipe shows the contrast in flavor and texture. A sweet taste and a bit tart of the tomato with the contrast of a good Parmesan cheese and Italian pesto. I who have tried it I can assure you that it is vice. I leave you with this simple, fast salad that combines both in an Italian-style dinner on a special occasion such as Christmas or for a daily day.

Chicken and Mushroom Pie Recipe Galician chicken empanada and foie mousse  This is a fusion recipe between Galician and Asian cuisine, mixing spicy chicken with the sweet touch of grapes and foie. You already know that Galicia is famous for its ingredients, we have a select offer in fish and seafood, splendid meats and vegetables, put a little patty in not very large pieces with your favorite filling and you will have your guests super happy.


To start off on the right foot, before a first course starter, I recommend three luxurious salads :

Gluttony salad recipe Lettuce salad with Burgos cheese and Northern gulas:  In this salad I have used fresh Burgos cheese but you can tune the recipe as you like, for example with another stronger cheese. The good thing about using a fresh one is that it is very low in calories and has almost no fat, resulting in a very balanced salad. A few luxury ingredients: lettuce, cheese, gulas and that touch of nuts will make a perfect salad as a starter for another stronger dish.

Lamb's lettuce salad recipe with curry ham and soft vinaigrette Lamb’s lettuce salad with ham curry and soft vinaigrette:  This salad is a little more elaborate, with a delicious flavor that the vinaigrette gives it and that almost invaluable touch of the ham curry batter.

Warm Bacon Chicken Salad Recipe Warm chicken and bacon salad: The good thing about this salad is not only to eat healthy and light, but it also introduces the term warm. And it is that salads can be eaten hot and of almost anything, with sardines, cod, citrus, sweet fruits such as mango or peach, seasoned with a consistent or super light vinaigrette.


For the first dishes we can rely on cheap products such as chicken, squid, mussels or a special pasta dish. All with a price that is maintained throughout the year and where you will not find exaggerated increases.

Mussel recipe with Ribeiro sauce Mussels in Ribeiro sauce:  Galician-style mussels are prepared simply with cachelos or Galician potatoes (I use those from my father’s garden, full of flavor), a good extra virgin olive oil, paprika from La Vera and a white wine well fruity. I leave you with a simple recipe to enjoy this cheap and tasty “á feira” style mollusk.

Stuffed Crepes Recipe Pancakes stuffed with chicken with mousse of foie  A galette-style recipe with a salty filling of chicken and a gratin with bechamel that will delight anyone. You can fill them with meat, chicken with foie in this case, but they can also be made with fish.

Stuffed squid recipe Squids stuffed with onion sauce : It is a classic recipe for sea and mountains, it is often said that way when we combine these two elements so popular in the cuisine of the Spanish coasts: fish or seafood and meat, this time squid and bacon. It goes without saying that this combination is extraordinary, although you can also fill the squid with a little monkfish and shrimp, with minced meat, with Serrano ham, hake …


In the latter , fish such as cod and meat such as rabbit, Mos’s rooster or stuffed pularda can be adapted to family dinners without disappointing anyone.

Beer rabbit recipe Rabbit in beer sauce.  This stew is special due to the sweet flavor that beer, “liquid food or bread” provides. I do not know if you have tried stewing with beer, it helps tenderize the meat and gives it a malt flavor that makes this dish an incredible and very tasty recipe.

Cod recipe with potatoes and romesco sauce Cod loins with potatoes and romesco sauce  The main ingredient is one of the fish that I like the most, cod, and if we accompany it with one of the most famous sauces of Catalan gastronomy we will have a luxury recipe: cod loins with cachelos, dried fruits accompanied by romesco sauce.

Stuffed capon recipe Stuffed Galo de Mos  A rooster has strained itself in my kitchen, and I thought it was the alpha male of the house… with all the law I have had to cook it, there can only be one left! This dish is perhaps one of the most cooked Christmas recipes in Galician lands at this time.


For dessert , you can prepare a fruit salad, a lemon sorbet in cava or some pears in wine. But I think the best thing here is to give the nougat that I like so much. On the blog we have several recipes, but I will definitely stick with the famous glasses of yogurt and nougat, a success at home for two years. If you want something more forceful, the nougat cake or the nougat tiramisu.

Yogurt cup recipe with nougat and nuts
Yogurt  glass with xixona nougat cream This glass, although it seems that it has many things and that is excessive as the final finish of a great meal, is great. More than 70% is yogurt and almost everything else is what they call “toppins”, the decorations that make this dessert so simple and with an attractive presentation to the eye, something simply delicious.
Nougat tiramisu recipe
Nougat tiramisu.  I call it fake tiramisu because I don’t use sabayon cream, it goes egg-free, and I also substitute part of the Mascarpone for whipped cream to give prominence to the nougat, and turn this dessert into a Christmas classic. Little sugar, just, because the nougat sweetens enough and a very important change, the biscuits of soletilla I have replaced them with María Ilustrada cookies.
Nougat cake recipe
Nougat cake.  This tart is a combination of the flavor of various nuts, almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts. Even if you have any more at home you can add it.

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