Bars what places. To the love of a bar

What if we set up a bar?

Who has never thought of it, in youth and in not so young, setting up a bar?

That Spain is the country of the world , eye, not of Europe, OF THE WORLD, with the largest number of bars per inhabitant is a clear example of this.

As soon as we started to come out of a more crisis period than we all would have liked, we returned to the bar for coffee and beer. To debate politics, football and crisis and to give jobs to 1.6 million people again.

I go to the bar

Do the test. Go to a town with few inhabitants, 500 or less, and see how many bars there are. I assure you that there will be at least three or more. In our country, a town without a bar is not a town.

The town bar, the bar downstairs, the corner bar, THE BAR, in capital letters. We leave work and go to the bar.

We go downstairs to have coffee at the bar, read the newspaper at the bar, have a tortilla skewer for breakfast at the bar, have a beer or wine at the bar. So we are. Bars are part of our DNA and we love it.

The closure of bars peaked in 2014, after several years trying to survive the crisis.

In 2015, more stores were reopened than closed, which is not bad but not bad and from then on it has grown to the present day. 

The reality is that the best  indicator of how our economy  is doing is to see what happens in bars.

One bar for every 175 people

260,000 bars. More than in toooodo United States. The monthly spending on bars when we went out at night was € 95 in 2009, € 67 in 2015 and approximately 55 today.

Although there are many bars, the ‘nightclubs’ have decreased from 18,604 to 17,638, I imagine that the acoustic regulations will have had something to do with it.

What keeps the bar

In a bar you can find many things. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, but what sustains what the bars live in our country is for beers and coffee.

Beer, for example, moves around 60% of the bar’s income thanks to the growth of daytime hospitality. Come on, now we don’t cut ourselves off to go out for a beer before eating. Or two.

The Spanish as soon as we see that we are not so bad we went out to celebrate it . Hence the success of the local franchises, which have brought innovation to the market, or the fashion of the bars where the most demanded are those bottle buckets at € 0.50 per bottle. A bargain.

With the coffee theme, we are more and more foodies. We like to pay € 1.20 or € 1.40 as desired.

That is why we are not satisfied with a coffee in a grated glass from the dishwasher, now we all enjoy a frothy coffee accompanied by a biscuit , a piece of sponge cake or, depending on the time, a small skewer of tortilla .

I don’t know if after reading this you would like to set up a bar, but at least, go down and have a drink.

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