What to buy and eat in May? Seasonal food and recipes

What to eat in May? Seasonal foods and recipes

As the saying goes, ” until May 40 do not take off your dress .” You already start to come up with time, you go out into the street as if it were a summer day butooo summer is not yet! That is why the fruits and vegetables that begin to sprout in May are not the same as those that we obtain in the hottest months that will come later.

That impatience cannot. As you already know,  seasonal foods  are healthier, cheaper and more ecological, but… what are they at all times?

What to eat in May?

The garden offers us true gastronomic treasures throughout the year, but it is certainly in spring when the land is more generous and more this May.

It is time for artichokes, peas, asparagus, broad beans … So, despite this confinement and these complicated times that we are going to live … let’s not forget the fresh and seasonal product when filling our cart!

In addition, this type of food that the garden offers us is now perfect for preparing dishes that are not only very rich but also healthy, and somehow ‘compensate’ for all those sweet excesses that we are ‘abandoning’ lately.

In May we can enjoy the first summer fruits Take advantage and make fruit salads, smoothies, fruit salads … As the heat starts s and reduces the supply of vegetables , but arrive as tasty fish like mackerel, the sardines or anchovies, which It is in May when it is at its best.

Even so, some of the fruits and vegetables that we can enjoy in this month of baptisms, weddings and communions (especially the latter) are avocado, perfect for morning toast or poke, apricot, peach, orange or the strawberry.

May vegetables are artichoke, eggplant, squash, cucumber, and leek , among others. Enjoy making yourself a vichyssoise or a cold pumpkin or cucumber puree.

Recipes with seasonal ingredients in May

  • Fruits: Prepare yourself some smoothies or a seasonal fruit tart or a cake with oranges.
  • Vegetables: In the case of vegetables and taking advantage of the fact that the artichokes are at their maximum splendor, you can cook some delicious pickled artichokes or a very fresh cream of aubergines .
  • Fish : In addition to the recipes that I mention above for sardines or mackerel, buy some good anchovies in the market and make them in vinegar. It is the perfect appetizer and you can also add it to other recipes. There are those who even say that pickled anchovies are much better than preparing a

In Rechupete Recipes we have made this downloadable so you know at a glance what are the fruits, vegetables and fish that are  in season during the month of May .

Download it, share it or print it, you can put it in your fridge, take it to the shopping cart or use it so that the little ones of the house learn about seasonal food.

Download What to buy and eat in May? Seasonal food and recipes

Free downloadable

You can easily share the free downloadable tummy with friends and family via email. You can also print and save them in a folder so they are always at hand in the kitchen, or put them in your fridge. At Rechupete Recipes we like to make your life easier!

Tip: If you keep the printed sheets in laminated sleeves you will keep them safe from food stains and they will last you many years.

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