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Veal escalopes with balsamic vinegar

Veal escalopes with balsamic vinegar


  • Very easy
  • 10 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • € 2 / person
  • 278kcal per 100g.

How to make veal escalopes with balsamic vinegar . This is a recipe with meat that everyone likes, for its simplicity and above all for its flavor.

The balsamico all’aceto tagliata is an Italian recipe that is usually prepared with beef tenderloin. I wanted to make a quick but at the same time very tasty recipe for which I used yearling scallops, from the side of the animal, thinner and that were made in less than 2 minutes.

But you can also adapt the recipe perfectly with sirloin or with other meats, they will be just as delicious since the sauce is the best of the recipe. These fillets in balsamic vinegar sauce are a very tasty and easy to prepare second dish, the sauce gives the dish a bittersweet flavor and goes well with meat in general.

If you like this type of meat cut to accompany your dishes, you can find a lot of sirloin recipes that are sure to succeed at home, you can impress your guests at home.

I have not put accompaniment because I think it is best to use a good piece of bread to dip in the sauce and accompany with a salad of lettuce or endive. I hope you like it, you will tell me.

 Preparation of fillets in sauce

  1. To get the best flavor in this recipe, cook the meat at room temperature. For this we must take the meat out of the fridge an hour before cooking it. Season with salt and pepper on both sides and reserve.
  2. We start by passing the scallops in a frying pan or low casserole through extra virgin olive oil, round and round. No more than a minute on each side, we do not want them to be as hard as stones.
  3. The meat must be juicy, it will also be finished in the sauce that we are going to prepare next.
  4. We remove from the pan to a plate and continue with the recipe.

Preparation of the balsamic vinegar sauce

  1. We prepare the balsamic vinegar sauce, for this we peel the two garlic cloves and pour them into the pan with the same oil where we made the meat.
  2. The best thing to have the flavor of garlic is to crush it or in a mortar or with a garlic masher, so you will not find large pieces at mealtime.
  3. Once they catch a golden hue, add the finely chopped parsley and combine with the garlic.
  4. Add the balsamic vinegar and the meat stock or water. Let it reduce for 5 minutes over high heat until a thick sauce forms like syrup.
  5. We turn off the pan and out of the fire add the meat and the juice that has been released.

Final preparation of the balsamic scallops

  1. We go round and round to soak up the flavor of the sauce, so that it rests in that sauce for a minute is more than enough.
  2. In Italy, juniper berries, some cinnamon sticks and some cloves are usually added to the sauce to flavor it a little more. Even the touch of a tablespoon of honey would do her good.
  3. This sauce is perfect for barbecues or grilled meats. You can store it in an airtight bottle in the fridge for a few days (3 or 4, no more).
  4. Now we can plaster, I recommend adding a parsley leaf in the presentation to give a touch of color to the dish.

We can accompany it with some fried potatoes, microwaved potatoes or a good tomato or endive salad, I leave it to your choice. Do not forget a piece of bread to dip the sauce, it is glorious!

You can see all the photos of the step by step in the next album of the recipe for escalopes in balsamic .

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