Tips to succeed at Christmas with your recipes

In these days I have gone through markets and supermarkets to buy what will be the Christmas menu in my house and I have been a big surprise, the prices have not changed so much compared to last month, they have risen but not like other years , the crisis in the end is for everyone.

So if you still do not have ideas for these two weeks of celebration, and you are one of those who control prices on typical Christmas foods, I will let that head rest a little.

With these recommendations, tips and our special Christmas recipes I assure you that you will not have to be overwhelmed if this year you have to have the whole family at home.

Tips and recommendations for this yummy Christmas


  • Calmly plan the menus we are going to prepare . Browse books, recipes and the internet before buying the ingredients we need for that day.
  • It is not good to acquire them in the first establishment that you are in sight, browse, compare prices to get the best price .
  • Opt for ingredients that have stable prices throughout the year , it is best to throw out foods such as rabbit, chicken, white fish such as hake (it is great price), seasonal fruits and vegetables. Here is the secret of saving on these dates.

Budget closed

  • Having a closed budget and not leaving it . Calculate the number of guests who are going to come that day and how much will come out per person.
  • In the blog you already have it normally, in each recipe there is an approximate price for seasonal products , on these dates calculate 10-15% more.

Consult beforehand what you are going to prepare. Investigation

  • Food blogs are your best allies , we have been preparing these dates for months, we want to make your life easier.
  • If you do not find what you are looking for here, I recommend you visit the friendly blogs you have on the blogroll.
  • Of course, your mothers and grandmothers have been preparing Christmas menus for many years, consult their recipes and advice. No one better than them to get you out of a hurry and make your food delicious.
  • Books and specialized magazines with Christmas recipes . In my case I have an extensive gastronomic library, but surely you have a cookbook in your house that you can trust.

Avoid paying by credit card

  • It  is not convenient to  use credit cards  at this time of year, then in January you are going to roll brown, better cure us in health, which is then we will regret it.
  • The best way is to get to that budget and stick to it, and  pay in cash .

Don’t leave everything until the end. Help yourself from the freezer

  • Cooking on the same day as Christmas Eve or Christmas dinner is not the best idea .
  • In my case I use the previous two weeks to make the different dishes I have planned, so you take advantage of offers and you do not have to be overwhelmed those days, in half an hour you can get everything ready.
  • Logically you have to have the freezer free to store the different dishes. Pull the freezer , surely you have little things out there that you forgot, you can get a surprise in some cases, and you can manage one of the dishes of dinner or Christmas food.

Your time is money. Organize your menu

  • If you can bring an empanada , lamb or a kid to the trusted baker, you save on light and time. The result will be from a professional, yes, the quality raw material. You can take care of having the best accompaniments for your barbecue.
  • Soda experiments . Remember that all kinds of people, different ages and tastes, usually come to these dinners, it is not time to take out the Adriá you have inside. Leave it for dinner with your friends, it’s time to show off in a different way.
  • Using xanthan gum, agar agar or spherifications tend to be a bit expensive, here the traditional triumphs, although you can innovate by recovering a plate from your grandmother with a modern touch.

If there is no money,… each one bring their specialty

  • If the subject is very bad, the best thing is to prepare  a dinner or “cow” meal , it is a way to bring the family closer together.
  • What does it consist of? It consists of agreeing with your family and friends to bring a dish for dinner, this we usually do a lot throughout the year, more than to save, to have more variety and comfort, everyone pringa and we save a lot of time in the kitchen.
  • If you put your house for this occasion, you can ask your guests to bring wines, cava and spirits, it is usually the most up the food, and we all have some special wine that they have given us at home, what better occasion than to take it in family.

And finally, buy with head

  • Once you have everything ready and organized, nothing to fall into temptations , do not go shopping without having a clear objective.
  • No rush and let yourself be messed up by all the advertising campaigns of these dates. Buying is the same for Christmas as it is for day-to-day, on the blog we have already advised you how to buy well . Go to the supermarket only for what is necessary and take advantage of the offers.
  • When shopping early we can use discounts or promotions that will disappear as the key days approach. In the trusted markets you can get interesting offers and in some large supermarkets and supermarkets they maintain 3 x 2 type offers on these dates  .
  • Meat, seafood, and fish can be frozen to remain intact until the holidays arrive.

If you have come this far and you have been left with any of these tips, congratulations! You will see how this post will really help you this Christmas and I am delighted to collaborate, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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