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Tips for a perfect meat, roti or meat roll

Tips for a perfect meat, roti or meat roll


  • Half
  • 100 minutes
  • For 8 people
  • € 2 / person
  • 280kcal per 100g.

Tips, recommendations and tricks for a meat stuffed with yummy.

I want everyone to get a stuffed meat the first time and I have set out to give you ideas, advice and recommendations to make it so.

Following all our recipes for stuffed meat step by step and our advice I am sure that you will become a master of meat , they will make the wave at home with your new recipe.

The first thing you have to take into account to succeed this Christmas is the quality of the products in the recipe. These are key, since it only has a few ingredients, nothing out of the ordinary.

Get a good piece of veal , always shot at home, a Galician veal is synonymous with success. Also a tasty cheese and some quality piquillo peppers, use the best white wine you have on hand and a powerful meat broth and you will see what the richest thing comes out of your casserole.

I leave you with the best recipes for stuffed meat that we have on the blog. Enjoy them and above all, encourage you to cook them at home and enjoy them with yours.

Veal or stuffed beef brisket

Stuffed beef skirt , in the purest style of my mother and from whom I have learned it. The meat is perfectly rolled, without falling apart on the plate. With today’s recipe I want to explain to you how we prepare this type of meat roll at home so that we have it covered.

Stuffed meat roll or Roti

How to Make a Stuffed Beef Roll Cooked in a Quick Pot. Recipe of a very simple meat roti to succeed in a special meal or Christmas.

Baked stuffed lamb shank

A category stuffed lamb recipe . This time the filling is in accordance with the time of year, apples, raisins and mushrooms, but we could use any other ingredient that you like. The leg of lamb filled with dried apricots, boletus and pears would be perfect, the combinations are many and always to the taste of the consumer.

Baked stuffed pork loin

For its flavors and smells and very interesting for its low cost, stuffed pork loin . This meat is perfect for Christmas celebrations or for any gathering where you want to surprise with your culinary skills.

Beef roti with ham and cheese

How to make a beef roti stuffed with ham and cheese . The imagination in the kitchen makes simple and habitual dishes become other fun and original ones.

Chicken Cordon Bleu

This chicken recipe is an adaptation of the classic cordon bleu in which we substitute beef for chicken, the recipe is basically the same and of course, just as delicious.

And here are tips for embroidering these recipes.

Tips for a meat stuffed with yummy

  • It is convenient to let the meat roll or the stuffed meat rest so that it does not fall apart when cutting it. In fact, it’s best to cut cold and heat stroke just before serving.
  • The filling makes this meat very juicy, so do not think that if we let it cool and then heat it, it will be dry. In addition, the sauce also provides a good dose of juiciness.
  • When cutting the piece of meat before filling, take into account the diameter of the pan in which we are going to seal it, as well as the diameter of the pot in which we are going to cook it. If we do not have a large pot we will have to accommodate the roll to the base by curving it slightly. With the heat it will shrink, so the result will be just as aesthetically pleasing and the taste will not be affected in the least.
  • The pressure cooker streamlines the preparation of the stuffed meat roll, but it is not essential. You can also use a conventional saucepan and extend the cooking time to one hour to ensure that the meat is tender.
  • If you prefer pork to beef, you can prepare this roll with a piece of sirloin. In this case, you can ask your butcher to cut it to fill or make it yourself. Being a small and homogeneous piece, it will hardly cost you effort.
  • The filling supports a wide variety of vegetables. If you don’t have the ones I propose on the ingredient list, you can use mushrooms, chard, broccoli, asparagus, or whatever you have on hand at home.
  • The same thing happens with cheese. If you do not have Manchego cheese on hand, use another that is tasty and melting. You can even use cheese slices and spread them on the meat and then place the filling on top.
  • White rice does not even paint this meat, although you can also serve it with a mashed potato or roasted vegetables. Also note that the sauce calls for bread, lots of bread. So do not forget to get a good loaf when you make this stuffed meat roll.

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