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How to cut and chop a whole chicken

How to cut and chop a whole chicken


  • Half
  • 15 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • 0.8 € / person
  • 150kcal per 100g.

How to cut and chop a whole chicken . The chicken recipe that I present today is a cooking technique that I’m sure you will take advantage of, how to cut a chicken and cut it like a professional.

A perfect way to save as buying a whole chicken is usually cheaper than a chicken already cut into pieces. The price difference can be up to 30% on the price that if we buy a tray of breasts, wings, thighs or thighs, is just one example.

We will teach you, with the help of Oscar, our trusted butcher, to bone the chicken, how to cut it, cut it, and divide it into parts  (thighs, counter thighs, breasts and wings, separating the carcass to take advantage of it).

We just have to know how to do it, make the most of it and not waste the chicken. It may seem difficult but it is not so much if you follow the article and the video. All the parts of the chicken with a purpose, from a chicken stew , some grilled sirloins , a good chicken broth , rice , … the number of recipes is almost infinite.

It is very easy, practical and cheap as long as we follow all the advice Oscar gives us. I encourage you to continue reading.

Preparation of the whole chicken. Chop, cut and separate

  1. We clean the possible impurities from the chicken by burning the feathers with a torch and removing the viscera if they have any. Although the whole chickens that are bought in the market or supermarket usually come already clean. We remove the whole chicken from its packaging, which we must discard.
  2. We place the chicken with the breast up on a cutting board. We start by cutting the chicken wings, with the left hand we hold the left chicken wing and pull it out of the body. Then with a sharp knife, we cut through the skin along the side.
  3. We continue to make a cut in the skin that joins the thighs of the breasts. We cut all the skin and the excess fat. We continue with the thighs, through the thigh joint and then the knee joint.
  4. We separate with the hand and cut each thigh as Oscar does, it seems simple but you have to do it almost like a surgeon and the first.
  5. Once you have located the thigh joint that joins it with the body, we hold the body of the chicken with the left hand and turn to break the hip joint, so it will be very easy to put your hand through the ribs. We pull back and split the chicken’s spine in half.
  6. With a knife we ​​will finish cutting the chicken in two, separating the top from the bottom. We separate the thighs from the counter thighs looking for the joint play with the finger and make a clean cut for it.

Final. Chicken Breasts and Carcass

  1. The breasts would remain, first you have to remove the skin and excess fat. Then we make an incision in the chest, following the sternum bone. And with the knife we ​​scratch separating one of the chicken breasts from the sternum.
  2. The other breast in the same way, scratching the bone with the knife and removing as little meat as possible. At the end you will have a two-piece whole breast.
  3. We finished cutting and boning the chicken. We have separated two wings, two legs, two thighs, and two breasts. The rest you can discard or use as you wish. Now you can cook it as you want.
  4. We reserve the casing also for a broth or broth. Nothing is thrown here.

Final advice

  • I hope it has helped you, I think the video is very well explained. Did you like this post? Do you want any more advice regarding cooking techniques? Leave me your comment and we will get to it.
  • As a final tip I recommend that you wash your hands before and after the process. Also the knife and the cutting board, because we do not want the famous salmonella bacteria to appear. Cook clean and you will cook much better.

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