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Turkey sirloin in soy sauce and pineapple

Turkey sirloin in soy sauce and pineapple


  • Easy
  • 40 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • € 2 / person

One of the recipes that has triumphed the most at the dinner we make with friends on the 2nd Saturday of the month is this turkey sirloin with an exotic touch . They have asked me for the recipe and here you have it, shared for all of you. I have taken advantage of some  turkey fillets  to give it one more twist, accompanying it with a very flavored basmati rice .

Turkey sirloin is a classic in our kitchen, we usually prepare it grilled as in this case or in the oven with a vegetable base. In both ways it is very rich, it does not stay dry as is usually thought with this type of meat. We achieve this by sealing the sirloin so that its juices stay inside. The final result with the advice that I am going to give you will be a dish that you will surely repeat more than once. A dish with a lot of flavor and incredible juiciness thanks to the pineapple and the touch of soy .

This type of cut is very juicy, it does not even paint but if you leave them to marinate in the soy sauce, pineapple and honey you will get it to almost melt in the mouth, extra extra tender . The secret is that pineapple contains proteolytic enzymes that denature the sirloin proteins, softening them even more. It also highlights the flavor of the meat that we are going to prepare and it is a very fast process, about 15 minutes is more than enough to achieve the desired effect

The cut with which we have prepared this recipe is the sirloin , a very healthy and fairly inexpensive meat. If you like this type of meat, you can find a lot of sirloin recipes that are sure to succeed at home. You can prepare this part of the turkey to make a special recipe, for a dinner with friends, your partner or family. Although being so economical you can use it in your kitchen daily. This recipe is very easy to make and fast, I hope you like it and that you dare to prepare it, just delicious.

Preparation of the turkey sirloin

  1. We remove the turkey fillets from the packaging, clean and dry them very well. They should breathe for at least 5 minutes before cooking. We reserve.
  2. This time we will only use a leek, we will use it to add crispness and decorate the dish. We remove the bottom or root, where it has that kind of “whiskers”. Do not throw away the excess part, you can take advantage of the leaves to add them to a vegetable broth and the stem in a sauce.
  3. We pass the leek under water under the tap to clean them and remove any dirt or dirt that they bring. We cut it lengthwise into two halves and then chop them into very small pieces so that they roast quickly in the pan. We reserve.
  4. Season the sirloins with salt and pepper and marinate them in a container with the pineapple juice, soy sauce and honey. Let it rest for 10-15 minutes.
  5. While we are going to prepare the basmati rice. I recommend that you go through the recipe with the step by step to prepare basmati rice or if you want something simpler, a simple white rice . In 15 minutes we will have the rice prepared, just what it takes to marinate the turkey.
  6. Heat a little extra virgin olive oil in a wide frying pan and fry the leek until it is crisp. We remove it from the pan and place on absorbent paper to remove excess oil. We reserve.
  7. We remove the sirloins from the sauce and dry. We cut them in half (to get 4 sirloins, one for each diner and to help it pass perfectly in the pan).
  8. In the same pan where we have prepared the leek, add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and make the sirloins on both sides. The time will be about 4 minutes over high heat on each side, just enough time for the meat to be done inside, it can vary according to the thickness of the sirloins. It is necessary to play with the temperature of the fire so that the marinade evaporates and the meat is glazed, in our case we kept the medium-high temperature. We withdraw.
  9. We can only go through the pan the pineapple slices (one minute on each side) and reduce the sauce from the maceration (3 minutes over high heat).
  10. And as a final step we assemble the plate. A bed of rice with one of the pineapple slices, on top of the sirloin with its juice and sprinkled with the crispy leek. You will see how it looks delicious, perfect to look like a great cooker.

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