The best gazpacho recipes

The best recipes for gazpacho and cold soups on the blog . We are in summer and the red color of the glasses floods the restaurants of half Spain.

The salad recipes are present at home, so hot what I feel are cold soups. I no longer go into everyone’s fridge, but I’d be willing to bet that one in five Spaniards has at least a liter of gazpacho or salmorejo safely in the fridge.

Andalusian cuisine is good for many reasons but without a doubt the best to calm this heat wave are cold soups or dishes.

Gazpacho is cheap, fresh and nutritious. A great unknown to me until about 10 years ago when I arrived in Madrid, and that is that cold soups in Galicia are not carried and we are more of Galician broth than salmorejos , gazpachos, white garlic, vichyssoises , tomato soups and the like.

At first I did not understand about drinking tomato because it was not in the traditional culture that they taught me at home, but now I can say that it is a fundamental dish in my daily diet and that I prepare throughout the year, not only in summer. I hope you like the compilation of recipes on this traditional Spanish dish.

Gazpacho recipes

The summer question among lovers of cold soups is : A gazpacho or a salmorejo? I am passionate about salmorejo, that delicious thick sauce thanks to the combination of bread and tomato.

Its origin comes from the Mediterranean bread soups and it is a traditional preparation from Córdoba. With a creamy texture perfect to serve as a garnish to many dishes, even as a sauce for a hamburger, as I usually eat them now at home.

On the other hand there is the famous gazpacho, for which we are known around the world and who, with paella, is an ambassador of gastronomy outside of Spain. Fresh, healthy, very healthy and one of the buzzwords: antioxidant.

Within the so-called gazpachos, in Andalusia you can find them of all kinds, with melon, watermelon or even cherries. Remember that gazpachos in Spain were made without tomatoes until the 19th century. Although the introduction of this ingredient in the recipe has been a quality point.

Each one has their own version and way of doing things at home. Perhaps there is no similar recipe anywhere in Spain. That makes it one of the richest traditional dishes in our country and of course the taste is in the variety.

Although a little seriousness in this dish is important, not everything goes. In this compilation I leave you how I prepare them, the cold soups that succeed on the blog and at home. Then each one prepare them at home, imagination to power so that the gazpachos come out as tasty as they are refreshing.

Top 5 of gazpachos, salmorejo and cold soups

Gazpacho recipe
Andalusian Gazpacho
How to prepare one of the star dishes of the summer, Gazpacho. Cheap, refreshing and super nutritious recipe.
Gazpacho recipe with nuts
Gazpacho with nuts
The classics are here to reinvent themselves, cold soups are a good way to start the summer. I recommend the tomato and almond flavor of this recipe. Yummy.
Cherry Gazpacho
Gazpacho with cherries
How to prepare a delicious and refreshing cherry gazpacho, with pillory or cherries from Jerte. A fruity cold soup with step-by-step preparation, photos and tips.
Salmorejo recipe
Essential recipe in the summer. A very popular tomato cream in Córdoba and in the rest of Spain. Step by step preparation and tricks.
Vichyssoise or cream of leeks
Cold leek cream or Vichyssoise
A well-known soup, which is a variant of a traditional recipe in French cuisine. This soup is a cold salty cream made with leek, onion, potato and cream. Perfect for the summer, since it is usually served very cold.
antequera club
Porra Antequerana
With a little less water than gazpacho and slightly thicker than salmorejo, the rest of the ingredients are quite similar. Unlike other recipes, which are usually drunk like gazpachos, Porra de Antequera is taken with a spoon.
White garlic
The recipe for ajoblanco or white garlic is very simple and easy to prepare. Although as in almost all traditional recipes, in each house it is prepared in a way, to the taste of the family. What I try in this cold Malaga soup is that you have a base.

And here you have the video of the watermelon gazpacho that is not yet on the blog, only on the YouTube channel.

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