Galician star of pumpkin and vanilla

We have all been given pumpkins at one time. Life is so. Sometimes you expect it and sometimes not so much, but everything comes out.

They have already given me pumpkins in a very very special way. And the truth is, THEY COULD NOT LIKE ME ANY MORE!

Don’t you know what it is about? The culprit has been Estrella Galicia , which with its special edition of pumpkin and vanilla this expression has gone from being something “negative” to becoming a real compliment.

Again inspired by our land and after the successful beer of padrón peppers , this original beer is made from roasted Pilsen malt from two-race barley, aromatic hops of the Perle variety, yeast strain, pumpkin puree and vanilla beans.

Coinciding with the pumpkin season between October and November, they have taken the opportunity to incorporate the  pumpkin puree  during the production process.This way we can feel that special sweetness in the beer once it is finished and the vanilla branches are added chopped during storage. while the beer rests and is calm.

Thanks to all these ingredients and its careful creation process, a unique result is achieved. A golden color flavor bomb with a perfect foam and sweet nuances that you will perceive from the first second.

You can pair it as an aperitif, with meat and even for dessert! It is the good thing about this new Pumpkin and Vanilla Star that you decide when to drink it or drink it at all times.

And it is that the pumpkin and the vanilla give this beer a sweet touch in perfect balance with the bitterness typical of Estrella Galicia. Hence its complexity and its ability to surprise the most
beer palates , I assure you.

I hope that you try it, that you enjoy it as much as I do and that this weekend you will not cut yourself giving pumpkins. It runs that they are sold out, I have already made an order for Samaín or Halloween … I am cool that they give me pumpkins.

How did I like this about being given pumpkins?

Well, the feeling has been very good, I directly tell you that if they had it throughout the year, there would always be a place in my fridge for several bottles. I was pleasantly surprised by this Galician Pumpkin Lager .

It is true that it is not the first time that I try this type of beer, in London I have tried some with hints of cinnamon and some with ginger. Almost with a sponge cake flavor while still being traditional beer. But the touch of vanilla, which is only aromatic, since you find it on the nose when you drink it, feel it but do not notice it, is a success.

Full-bodied beer but without being strong, with that sweetness that was mentioned, present in the tasting and balanced to taste with any recipe that is accompanied by pork, game or poultry . In this case it accompanied a stuffed pularda and it is an original proposal for Christmas .

It could accompany many of the stews that you find on the blog where we give the spoon, as well as some light chicken curry dish or why not, with desserts.

I am not saying that it is the dessert itself (which it could) but it goes very well for chocolate and nuts, great with some bica or chestnut cake for example. I do not know if I would dare with fish, but if it is a stew of bonito from Burela , with that fatty touch, it could be a great ally. There I leave it, the following pairings I leave them for you to comment on at the end of the article.

Do you feel like pumpkin shaped beer?

More than 10,000 liters of this seasonal recipe are already at your disposal and are already available from October 24 through its Estrella Galicia beer factory website , as well as in supermarkets and surely in your trusted bar.


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