Salad and vegetable recipes

Salad with spinach sprouts, melon, sprouts and nuts

Salad with spinach sprouts, melon, sprouts and nuts


  • Easy
  • 5 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • 1.6 € / person

Salads and the Mediterranean diet contribute to a healthy diet and help us, especially in summer, to eat well and in a balanced way. And they have everything: they satisfy hunger, you eat healthy and nutritiously, and you even take care of your skin. OR a very easy to make salad that has a high water content for melon, spinach and cherry tomatoes while introducing ingredients that we increasingly include in our dishes: sprouts and nuts. Yesterday we made a fresh salad, to better withstand these heats and we incorporated alfalfa sprouts. If my father saw this, he would surely say that alfalfa is what he gave to cattle to eat. And so it is, alfalfa is a food that has typically been given to animals, however it is beginning to enter human food.

Salad preparation

  1. First we will prepare all the ingredients: We place the spinach sprouts in a bowl or large plate. With a scoop, remove about 10-12 balls from a melon. If we don’t have a puncher we can make squares or triangles. We cut the cheese of our preference into small taquitos. Weigh and prepare the walnuts, pipes and alfalfa sprouts. We wash the cherry tomatoes. We reserve.
  2. Preparation of the dish: In the spinach dish we add the dried fruits, the nuts can be crumbled so that they are not so big. We add the cheese. We place small piles of the alfalfa sprout around the plate and in the center. In each pile, we alternate a melon ball and a cherry tomato. In the heap in the center we make a circle with the melon balls and in the center we place the cherry tomatoes, as if it were a flower.
  3. And only the dressing would be missing : In a small bowl we put a pinch of salt, half a tablespoon of vinegar of modena, two and a half tablespoons of olive oil and a tablespoon of honey (the ingredients are per person) We mix the dressing well and incorporate it to the salad.

I hope you like it and that you dare to prepare it.


Sprouts are refreshing, tender and tasty. They are easy to prepare and can be eaten raw, alone, with sauce, in salads, stir-fries, in tortillas or as an ingredient in a wide variety of cooked dishes. Vegetable germination is carried out from very remote times with the intention of improving its conservation, as well as to enhance some of its nutritional and therapeutic qualities. Despite the fact that in our country they are almost unknown foods (except for bean sprouts), it is worth briefly describing sprouts, particularly alfalfa sprouts, to better understand their qualities.

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