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Rice with crab

Rice with crab


  • Half
  • 50 minutes
  • For 6 people
  • € 5 / person

How to prepare a rice with crab . People say that you can get bored of always eating the same thing but I could be eating seafood day after day. This rice is a Sunday meal, since the pocket does not give to buy seafood every day.

This seafood recipe  will come out yummy more for the ingredients than for the cook … the rice practically cooks itself. The product was of great quality, some Galician crab.

It is distinguished from other species because the Galician has fine hairs throughout its shell. Its fishing begins in this month of July until Christmas and is caught in the Rías Baixas, and during the closed months, in the northeast Atlantic area.

I recommend that you try them, many people consider her the queen of seafood. It is usually eaten cooked, but if you have the chance, make them grilled or in rice as in this case, they are incredible!

To make this dish we have opted for a round grain rice that helps us control the recipe without problems. Cooking with a trusted brand with which we always succeed, Sabroz rice .

If you are left with any questions about how to cook and open crabs , you already know that you have a tutorial on the blog, Enjoy rice! You will tell me.

Cooking the crab

The seafood in this case was already brought by Cooked Sandra. But he told me the cooking tricks to publish on the blog (I’m not cooking seafood all day, the truth is that I didn’t know much about it).

  1. Seafood in general can be bought live or already cooked. When buying it alive the best so that it retains all its juices and that at the time of cooking we do not lose part of its substance is that we kill it by vinegaring it.
  2. In a large jar or casserole we put the following measures, for each liter of water 100 ml of vinegar. What we achieve is that the bug dies slowly, this process usually takes 2 to 3 hours.
  3. If we do not want to do the vinegar process, you can put them in a pot when the water is cold, if they are still alive, this way we avoid losing the legs during cooking.
  4. Then we cook it in cold water with a little bay leaf and a good handful of salt, when we talk about a good handful of salt that is coarse sea salt, we calculate about 60 grams per liter of water. We cook for a short time, in the case when the water starts to boil with the crab inside, we wait 7 minutes and take them out of the pot.
  5. In the fortunate case that you have the sea nearby, set the salt aside and run for liters of sea water needed for your seafood. The sea is wise.

Preparation of rice with crab

Once we have the cooked crab with the previous step. We chop them in two so that they release all their flavor in the rice. We reserve and we will throw them at the end of the whole process so that they do not happen.

  1. Peel the garlic cloves and chop as best as possible. We reserve. Chop the onion and the peppers (green and red) very fine. It is important not to notice its texture but the flavor they give to rice.
  2. We add the extra virgin olive oil to the paella or casserole that we have for the rice, depending on which one we are going to use, it will be one way or another. When the oil is hot, fry the onions with the garlic and the peppers, it will take about 10 minutes over medium heat, always stirring carefully. We add the pods of the beans.
  3. We introduce the rice and stir everything gently so that it is well impregnated with the stew and absorbs the flavor. Leave for 3 more minutes on medium heat.
  4. Lightly toast the saffron threads in a small skillet over very low heat (about 3 minutes) and add a little water to it and then mix it with the fish fumet . This way we get all the aroma, flavor and color.
  5. We add the fumet or fish broth to the paella pan (this I already had prepared from the previous monkfish rice , I usually freeze the fumet in liter bottles and so I always have it prepared for any fish or seafood rice).
  6. For the bomb rice issue, the exact measurements are 2 and a half broth for every 1 rice.
  7. Even so, if we observe that the rice is a little hard but the paella pan is running out of liquid, we gradually add more fumet until it is at its point.
  8. We raise the temperature to the maximum until it starts to boil and then we lower it to half and it is done little by little (between 15-18 minutes). Halfway through cooking we add the crab and the scallops so that they do not overdo it.
  9. We rectify liquid with water and we are testing the rice. We remove from the fire and let stand 10 minutes.

Preparation of the fish stock or fumet (former monkfish rice and vegetables):

  1. We put to cook in a saucepan water (about 2 liters of water more or less). When it starts to boil add the shell of the shellfish, 1/2 monkfish head, 1 leek, half an onion, 1 peeled carrot and 1 bay leaf. If we have any other fish remains (if possible white like hake, rooster, conger eel, heads or bones) it can also be added.
  2. It is left to cook for about 20-25 minutes over low heat. The broth will start to foam, they are the remains of impurities. It is best to remove this foam.
  3. And last step we pass the broth through a strainer and add to the paella. As you will have seen it does not have salt, it is best to add as we try the paella, to be able to rectify.

Be sure to enjoy all the recipes for fish and seafood that we have on the blog, I assure you that you will find a lot of ideas to make yours much happier.

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