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Free range salad with rice

Free range salad with rice


  • Easy
  • 30 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • 1.4 € / person
  • 260kcal per 100g.

How to make a free-range rice salad .

A perfect recipe for rice for the summer, a rice salad that blends with the free-range salad .

A refreshing, healthy and above all, tasty salad, perfect as a first or only dish in hot weather. I assure you that you will serve another dish after trying it.

The secret, using quality ingredients with texture and contrasts that will make it fun and a guaranteed success in your repertoire of rice salads .

It is also very easy and quick to prepare, with which you can get your hands on rice any cooker that is starting in the world of cooking.

It will remain as an expert in salads and with that yummy style that is already beginning to be a classic in some houses, as you mentioned in your comments and emails.

The idea of ​​the recipe comes from the free-range salad, which is usually presented with potatoes cooked with a vinaigrette of greens and vegetables. Although in each house you will find it with the stamp and taste of each one, it is usually very similar to the one we have on the blog. In this case, exchanging the potato for the rice gives it more texture and is a success.

So the star ingredient is rice , in this case we have used special SOS rice for salads . We are going to add a touch of color and different textures, mixing long, slightly crispy wild rice and brown red rice. So we will have a summer salad full of color and that very cool and with the touch of hard-boiled egg will become a summer classic.

This free -range rice salad is perfect to take in a tupper to the beach or on an excursion, one of my favorite foods that you already have at your disposal. Who is encouraged to try it?

Preparation of rice for salad

  1. The preparation of this salad is very simple, the only ingredient that needs cooking is rice . For this we put water to boil in a saucepan (1 and 1/2 parts of water for each part of rice).
  2. Once it comes to a boil add a good handful of salt and the rice. Let it cook until the water has evaporated (approximately 20 minutes).
  3. It is a little longer than usual because we are cooking wild rice, it has to be perfect. You can try to make it to your liking.
  4. Once the rice is cooked, we pass it under a stream of cold water and drain it.
  5. We can do it a couple of times so that the rice is very loose. It must be warm or cold before mixing with the rest of the ingredients.

Preparation of free-range rice salad and final presentation

  1. We peel the tomatoes, wash the peppers and cut them into cubes of the same size as you will see in the video. Meanwhile, we are placing in a bowl the drained tuna, crumbled and the tomato cut into small cubes. We do not throw the olive oil out of the can, we will use it for the vinaigrette.
  2. Next we add the olives and the drained and cold cooked rice to the bowl where the rest of the ingredients are. We stir it well so that all the flavors intermingle.
  3. We prepare the vinaigrette that we are going to make with a tablespoon of Dijon mustard, 9 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil (we use the canned one), 3 tablespoons of sherry vinegar and a little salt.
  4. Pour the dressing in a glass jar with a lid and shake it very well until it is well mixed, almost emulsified.
  5. Dress the salad with the mixture and stir well.
  6. My recommendation is to serve it fresh. We keep it in the fridge in a bowl covered with a little plastic film or in a tupper. This will keep it perfectly for 2 days without problems.

Optionally you can use hard-boiled egg and onion or chive as in the traditional free-range salad. A recipe that you can tune with your tastes and that cooks in a few minutes, very easy and very complete. With this salad you will have a healthy, tasty and fresh dish for the whole family.

This free -range rice salad is a great recommendation but not the only one. On the blog you will find plenty of options to eat yummy salads throughout the year.

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