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Peas with ham

Peas with ham


  • Very easy
  • 12 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • 2.9 € / person

Peas with ham recipe . When we start in the kitchen, everyone who asks them seems like a difficult challenge to overcome, I do not say otherwise, although practice and losing fear of the stove is essential. The important thing is to start with simple recipes, which are grateful for wanting to cook again. Of course my recommendation is simple dishes, not very elaborate and above all delicious. This recipe with vegetables , peas with ham , is it, it also has a plus, it is prepared in 5 minutes from nothing. One of those dishes for those who have no time to waste in the kitchen and say not to cook because the rich takes time.

We are in the middle of the pea season and we accompany these fresh peas with a little ham we will have a luxury dish. The ideal is to prepare it with fresh peas, but there is a drawback because its season is small and they are usually quite expensive, so you can use a quality can and enjoy the recipe. Eating fresh green peas is a relatively modern custom. Until the 17th century, dried peas were considered a food for people without resources, who cooked them for hours together with a piece of bacon to get the necessary food of the day. We must not forget that peas are very nutritious and have a high caloric content, so a good dish of this delicacy helps us eat well, healthy and also fills the day with energy.

Fortunately, things have changed a lot and now you can enjoy the luxury of eating them when they are at their best and trying each and every one of their varieties, such as peas or pea sprouts. In this dish we have used green peas in their pods so that they are better preserved. Consider when buying them that their real weight will be just under half their weight in peas, 1 Kg is four servings. You have green peas on the market throughout the year but the best time to consume them is in spring or early summer. In spring they reach their optimal maturation, so we encourage you to try these delicious emerald beauties in these classic peas with ham. Perfect for any day of the week or for a special occasion.

Preparation of peas with ham

  1. In the recipe you can use any type of pea, from fresh peas, ultra-frozen peas, fine, very fine or medium-sized peas. If we decide on canned peas, the recipe will not take us more than 5 minutes, if we opt for ultra frozen it will be 10 more minutes. You choose. In case of using frozen peas, we cook them in abundant salt water for 10 minutes, counting this time once the water starts to boil. Once boiled we will refresh and reserve them.
  2. We cut into julienne strips, that is, into strips, one onion or two chives. We cut the ham slices in the same way. We reserve.
  3. In a large saucepan and with a splash of good virgin olive oil, fry the chives in julienne. Once sautéed we will add a good ham and sauté for 1 more minute.
  4. Add the peas that we have reserved and combine well with a wooden spoon without breaking the peas. We rectify salt and black pepper, although remember that the dish has ham (this is not very salty). We plated and it only remains to enjoy this dish as easy and as you can see in the colorful photograph. Enter through the eyes. To eat!

Accompanying advice

  • Poached eggs (they go with pearls). We can prepare them in a small bowl, cup or bowl, put a little transparent film and cover the bowl so that the film protrudes enough from it. We put the egg in the bowl and close making a knot to the film, or with a wire from the bread. We put the egg wrapped in boiling water and cook for 1 minute; It is the perfect time for the egg to be half done and the yolk to melt when we break it. If you want to make them without the film so that they do not break or fall apart when you put them in the water, when it begins to cook, we add a splash of vinegar. Thus the egg will be whole and not undone. The yolk will be little curdled and will break when we break it with the rest.
  • Fried eggs with lace: The most important thing for the eggs with lace to come out well is to have a good non-stick frying pan, quality olive oil, a manageable slotted spoon, fresh eggs at room temperature (if possible homemade) and a pinch of salt .

You can see all the step-by-step photos of the recipe for these peas with ham  in this album, don’t miss any detail and it will turn out like my mother’s.

  1. To fry an egg, fill two-thirds of the pan with olive oil and put it on high heat. The oil must be very hot, the hotter it is the more sprig will come out.
  2. We crack the egg. If you do not have much practice on this topic, you can help yourself with the edge of a cup or glass. When the oil is very hot, add the egg to the pan and add a pinch of salt.
  3. Aided by the skimmer we push a little oil over the white and wait for the sprig to be made, without going over so that the bud does not harden. You will see the lace right away, it is the crisp edge of the egg.
  4. We collect the egg with the help of the slotted spoon and add to a plate. There will be a little oil left that will delight many with a good piece of bread. You see that he has his technique, it is not complicated but it is not the easiest thing in the world.
  5. We put the eggs on top of the peas. And to eat.

My friend Mery presents a good tip: “I like to crack eggs in a small glass or bowl before throwing them in the pan. So I make sure of several things: that they are good, that not even a little bit of shell falls off, and that I put them in the center of the oil at once. It is a highly recommended trick both for newbies and for those who do not like to leave anything to chance. ”

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