Foods with more protein than meat

Foods with the same (or more) protein as meat

They “sell” us that we should not stop eating meat because we cannot substitute the high protein content through other foods: LIE .

There are different foods that contain the same amount of protein or even more than meat and I’ll tell you about them next.

Eating meat is not so good

Already warned by the WHO ” processed meats are among the most carcinogenic foods .”

The consumption of meat has always been the main source to provide our body with proteins in western diets, which confirms that in other types of diets these proteins are acquired through other ingredients.

In addition to the carcinogenicity or not of meat, we should add the sustainability of the planet on which we live in relation to livestock farming or, better said, exploitation.

The UN warns that we should reduce meat intake by up to 50% to alleviate the changes that we are all beginning to perceive.

Taking protein is important, if possible, at every meal as they are what will help our muscles to be healthy and fit.

Vegetable products

While we get psyched up and reduce our usual consumption of meat, we can begin to try alternatives such as vegetable meats normally made from soy or beans.

In addition to finding it in the supermarket you can also make hamburgers or vegetable dumplings at home.


It does not have as many proteins as meat, but for every 100 grams of egg, 13 are pure and hard protein.

The egg has biological proteins, which means that it has essential amino acids and unlike other foods that also contain poorer quality proteins (sausages or dairy), the egg is very complete , more than red meat.

Obviously you will have to be careful with cholesterol if you have it high or you have a history, but if this is your case, you should also be careful with red meat in general and with the choice: I keep the egg.


As I was saying before, most vegetable meats are made from soy. Soybeans, seitan, tempeh, textured soybeans etc. , they contain a lot of protein.

We are still a bit fishy on how to incorporate it into our diet and we will not be based on soy sauce, which is also very salty, but it is a wide universe to explore and benefit from.

Textured soy for example is a great meat substitute and you can make a Bolognese sauce or stuffed aubergines with it.

You can use tofu or seitan in salads, with fresh vegetables and in rice.


Obviously walnuts, pistachios or almonds have tantísima protein like meat, but if you take vegetable milks , nuts and grains like buckwheat, the quinoa or kamut , your body will benefit from the proteins that are providing you free need to take meat.

Chickpeas and pulses

We should integrate legumes more and more into our diet and if we do not do so it is due to vagueness, I am sure.

Both lentils and chickpeas are perfect for incorporating protein into our body , it is also much more interesting and healthy to have a good dish of chickpeas, which in addition to protein has a lot of fiber and does not have saturated fat.

Fish. Tuna from the North

If we are what we eat, why don’t we feed on bonito? Jokes aside, bonito is the fish that contains the most protein, almost 25% per 100 grams , an amount similar to that of veal.

In addition, the tuna fats are omega 3, which are super beneficial for our health.

The same would happen with fish chips or dehydrated shrimp , since they have a highly concentrated high protein value.

Would you dare to eat insects?

It seems little variety to me still for so many people, there are very carnivores of God so let’s continue to value other options, such as the  rich little animals .

There are a lot of them that we kill, throw and suck, being  wonderful sources of protein, accessible and with low environmental impact . Yes yes, I mean  insects .

It is an option that does not appeal to everyone, but for example in  Mexico they  have been eating insects for a long time as if they were a delicatessen,  Gusanos de Maguey, ahuautles, ants or jumiles, the famous chapulines, Chicana ants, escamoles or scorpions … really, I have tried some and they are really yummy. Would you dare to try them?

In summary…

As always, balance is the key for our planet and our organism to survive. Get mental and start eating protein in a healthy way for you and for everyone.

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