Top 10 recipes and foods in the world

Top 10 international recipes and meals

Attention lovers of new flavors, inveterate kitchens and a fan of sophisticated ingredients, in today’s post we will talk about the ten gastronomically important countries of the world.

Take note that I will also give you some tips so you can taste it in your own home.

10. Go to Lebanon without leaving home

Have you ever cooked Lebanese food? In case you didn’t know, Lebanese food combines Arab and Phoenician influences with that touch of sophistication that came with the period of French occupation.

The truth is that if the French have anything, it is that wherever they passed they left a strong gastronomic importance. 

For this reason, Lebanon is one of the ten most gastronomically important countries, giving us delicacies such as baklava, kibbeh balls and the acclaimed hummus with its corresponding pita bread.

9. Long live the spicy! 

Ojito with the Mexican chefs, nobody can put your palate to sleep in just one round more than they do, but in addition to being the spicy masters, their gastronomy is far from being limited or poor.

Rather it is the other way around. They have a brutal variety and ample capacity to combine and fuse international dishes with meals from the different Mexican regions.

Mexico with its Mayan, Aztec and Spanish influences sought creativity such as cocoa, tomato or avocado , and this is something that places this country among one of the richest gastronomically speaking.

From the mole poblano through the homemade guacamole and toasting with micheladas, tequilas, mezcales, tacos , burritos, fajitas , pico de gallo watered with black or pacific model. When do you say we are going to Mexico?

8. Vietnam, Vietñam

If you love Pad Thai above all things, you will agree with the experts that Vietnam has a very special gastronomic wealth . Above all, and having more limited resources than other countries at the ingredient level, Vietnamese flavors cannot be compared or compared to practically nothing.

The lime and kaffir leaves, the vegetables, its herbs and spices, its fish sauces or hoisin sauce are truly amazing.

The imperial capital of Hue is famous for a king of exquisite tastes who revolutionized cooking in the 19th century with its style of cuisine that is reminiscent of our tapas but oriental in style.

They are characterized by always serving fresh food and being hotter in the north than in the south, (unlike us).

And you, what are you more of? Bo kho or Goi cuon (salad rolls) dipped in fish sauce?

7. Arigato rejoice

Not everything in Spain is potato omelettes or in Japan everything is sushi. As you already know, Japan is one of the largest fish consumers in the world and therefore its seafood is also one of the freshest recognized worldwide.

But in addition to this, being pointers and specialists in fish, they have the Kobe ox which is one of the best breeds of bovine that you will ever have tasted. Sake, wasabi, ginger … its cuisine is healthy, light and nutritious , so no one can resist a little sashimi, a good ramen or some nigiri.

6. Repeat with me: ce-vi-che

Peruvian food is at the top of the tops. Its cold water makes its seafood and fish have very different flavors than what we currently taste and beyond the succulent ceviche or tiraditos, Peru is a great country culinary speaking too.

The new Peruvian gastronomic trend merges its own ingredients and Spanish influences until it is in the top 6 of this list. 

Also, as a curiosity I will tell you that in Peru there are up to 3,000 varieties of potato , how do you stay?

The Lima cause is one of the most recognized dishes, the parihuela soup , followed by ají de gallina , chaufa rice , shrimp suck or the highly acclaimed Pisco Sour .

5. Mamma mia!

Tortellini, gnocci , pappardelle, macaroni, spaghetti , ravioli, fetuccine, puttanesca , arrabiatta, pesto , pizza, carbonara , bolognese or tiramisu , in Italy you have all this and more, that is why it is located in the 5 of this ranking. 

If you travel to Italy you can find a restaurant with checkered tablecloth, candles and serenades on the radio, which will accompany you on your Italian evening and will make it unforgettable.

Although a priori the first thing we think of when talking about Italy is pasta , its cuisine is rich in meat, seafood, fish and rice .

4. I wish the Indian knew so well

Also known for its spice, very different from Mexican spice, with Indian food you can have the gastronomic journey of your life . Outside or inside India.

Indian cuisine encompasses an entire sub-container so its variety and richness will not leave you indifferent.

Curries, samosas , tikka masala, lamb korma or meat with madras sauce with which your tongue will stay on fire for a long time …

3. Ni hao

Very different from Japanese food, in China you experiment with flavors and textures that in few countries you will find.

If you want spicy, try the Sichuan food that pepper is famous for. If you want small plates, Cantonese food is for you and if you like insects, don’t miss the fried Beijing scorpions.

With an infinity of regional foods, ancient spices and traditions, China still does not top this ranking, but it lacks little and I assure you that not everything is rice three delicacies, but if you want to start with something you can do it here.

2. Beyond the baguette or croissant …

From butter and cliches, France is a leading country in world gastronomy. 

With a mix of vegetables, greens, fish, meats and fruits, from sweet to salty, France elevates the Mediterranean diet to the sublime.

It is not surprising, therefore, that the Michelin Guide has awarded more French restaurants than any other country in the world.

Its camembert cheeses, its foie gras , escargots (land snails), steak tartar or crepe suzette are some of the many unforgettable dishes of French gastronomy.

01. Spain is different

This top 10 is based on a world ranking made by experts, this is not favoritism, but we have to admit that we should not be surprised that Spain tops this list.

Presuming to be the third country in the world with more Michelin Stars (and being one of the least populated of those three) its culinary potential was more than proven when El Bulli was named the best restaurant in the world according to experts.

Our regional food and our tapas or pintxos are enviable and unique.

Arroz a banda , Asturian bean stew , Catalan cream , Iberian ham, marc, peppers stuffed with cod , salad … Our culinary variety is endless, really.

I hope after reading this, if you’re not up for a chicken curry or home-made pizza, at least plan a paellita for Sunday.

And what is your ranking? What is your favorite food and country?

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