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Kings Mini Roscones. Classic and with chocolate.

Kings Mini Roscones. Classic and with chocolate.


  • Hard
  • 360 minutes
  • For 10 people
  • 0.4 € / person

How to prepare mini roscones de Reyes .

Although the Magi are still a few days away , as is the custom at home we are already with donuts around the corner, each time we get a little better, like everything else how many more you do better.

I also know that you are in the middle of the rosconil creative process , since a lot of emails with photos of your roscones have been coming to me for a few weeks, most with a much better presence than ours, that’s a good sign.

In this same recipe I will include the ones you send me so that everyone can see them and more and more people are encouraged to make their homemade roscón de Reyes.

Last year I had some dough left over, which I froze. A few months later in one of those freezer cleanings that I necessarily have to do (I end up playing Tetris with the tuppers), I thawed the dough and found that I didn’t have enough for a regular donut.

From there the mini roscones were born , a success, because being individual you can tune them to your liking and avoid the roscón starting and being open and dry. Here you eat the one you are going to eat, which is why they are small, and so richly.

So this Christmas I have returned to the fray with the mini donuts, especially with the chocolate chip that is great, they are like the buns that they announce on TV every day but in good.

A perfect option to make them with your children and decorate your mini roscón to your liking. You will see how good they are.

And remember that not even a crumb is thrown from a homemade donut. If you have too much (I doubt it) you can prepare our famous roscón pudding , a delight.

Since I do not want to duplicate the recipe since you already have two explaining step by step how to make Roscón de Reyes, I leave you both right now and explain the final process in a separate point.

Roscón de reyes recipe Roscón de Reyes. Christmas  recipe The recipe is updated so that you get a decent Roscón de Reyes at home, it has undergone many variations in the last 4 years, but I think this is the definitive one. Hundreds of people have already been encouraged to do it and the result is very good as you can see from the photos that have been sent to me by email. If you have not tried it, I encourage you 100%.
Roscon de Reyes recipe Tips, recommendations and doubts about the Roscón de Reyes  From the many emails that have been coming to me over the years this post has emerged, a continuation of the recipe for the Roscón de Reyes and that does not leave a question unanswered, if you still have any questions or suggestion, you can send me an email with your questions and we will write a more complete post.
King's toast French toast recipe Torrijas de Roscón de reyes  For those of you who know about Roscón (… I doubt it very much, although sometimes it happens), one of the richest desserts on the blog comes up: Torrijas de Roscón, a 100% recycling recipe that is delicious. It is still a super rich brioche dough to soak in milk or in classic cup chocolate, this is another way to see this Christmas dessert.

How to prepare the mini Roscones. Final step.

We start from the classic roscón recipe , remember to read the tips before starting . Starting from the final mass, just before it softens or swells again, we are going to shape our donuts.

  1. We are going to shape the donut by inserting the fingers in the center and enlarging the hole until it acquires the dimension we want. Although you make a small hole in the levedar it will disappear, the truth is that it does not matter, they will be like exquisite buns. As you can see in the photos, some still have the hole. We do not worry if it seems that they are thin as they are going to double their size.

Mini donuts. Final presentation

  1. Now is when you can strain the surprise, tradition sends a bean or a coin but lately there are porcelain or glass figurines, that is up to everyone but do not forget to wrap it in plastic wrap so that it does not fill with dough.
  2. Once given the shape and entered the detail, we place on a baking tray in which we will have put vegetable paper or waxed paper and cover it with the cotton cloth so that it does not dry out as it grows.
  3. Let it rest for two hours until the mini donuts double their size.
  4. We beat the eggs and add a few drops of milk, this trick will prevent the egg from burning while it is baking and they will be super nice.
  5. We paint with the mixture of beaten egg and milk, always very gently with a silicone brush as we do not want to prick the donut.
  6. We prepare the moistened sugar. We put the granulated sugar in a bowl and add droplets of water, mix with the fingers and when it is well matted, spread on the donuts to taste.
  7. At the same time we toast the sliced ​​almonds or the crocanti in a frying pan, we can even add other nuts that we have on hand. Chocolate chips are a great option, with nothing else as you see in the photos.
  8. We preheat the oven to 200 °, temperature up and down. We put the mini donuts on the tray.
  9. The baking time is 18 to 20 minutes at 180º but it depends on the oven. We lower the temperature to 170 ° C the last 10 minutes of cooking and if we see that it toasts too much we put a little aluminum foil on top until it finishes baking.
  10. We take out of the oven and leave the first batch to cool, while we make the second batch of chocolate or whatever we feel like.
  11. Let cool and we can present on a plate with a coffee with milk or with the same at night or on Three Kings Day: a large bowl of hot chocolate.
  12. And here we will no longer have fights for the best piece, they are all equally rich and we can even know which is ours, with the preferred tuning. I encourage you with the chocolate ones, impressive.

Classic roscón with sugar and rolled almonds

Mini donuts with chocolate chips

Your roscones

Thank you very much for sharing your works of art, I hope that many more will be encouraged to complete this album, it will be a grain of sand to get everyone to prepare their roscón at home.

Happy three wise men, have you behaved well?

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