Ideas to survive if you don’t know how to cook

To you, who have tried it actively and passively but that cooking is not your thing.

You think you are good at it, but something always burns.

To you who start by following all the steps of the recipe and at some point skip one of them and everything remains … regular.

To you who have assumed that cooking is not for you, period.

To you, king and queen of fried eggs …

To all of you, today I want to help you . I want to help you, not to cook, but to try to cook without dying trying.

To feel safe at least when cooking pasta or rice … At least in the face of some adversity or unforeseen you are able to survive by yourself in the kitchen. Take note that here I go.

Basic classics

Repeat with me so-fri-to . This is the key to everything: a good sofrito . You can freeze it and take it out a bit before preparing anything, a stew, a paella, whatever.

A plate is not a plate if there is no sofrito. What does a sofrito consist of? Oh, soul of the pitcher, a sofrito is nothing more than onion, garlic, pepper and tomato (if you want). And from here what you want, from chickpeas to pappardelle. I let you choose that.

Fried tomato

No, not a can or a can. If you know how to prepare a tomato sauce you already have half done . The uses are similar to those of the sofrito and yes, well, both take “some” time, but we will not take more than half an hour in total between peeling, cutting and frying.


Chicken or fish . It is very easy, I promise you. Stop buying chicken or vegetable bricks or concentrate that you boil in water and cook some chicken shells in two or three liters of water.

You don’t have to do anything else, or stir or anything, seriously: put the shell in water and let it boil, that’s it!

If you are already motivated you can put an onion with cloves, a tomato, a leek, a potato, but this only if you motivate yourself, huh.


Is this true? This is what I hope you get. Beyond cutting a lettuce, you can buy it in a bag that there are some of the sprouts that are not bad. The salads can be many things but do not require quantum physics. Think about what you want to add, gather it, dress it and … eat! If you practice you can become the king of the salad.


I know that sometimes it may seem like even the frying pan is against you, but that’s because you have no patience (or a decent frying pan). Every amateur must overcome his trauma with the iron.

You don’t need excessive mastery. Heat the iron, depending on what you are going to throw in it, control the amount of oil, turn it around and around, do not overdo it, do not leave it raw and … Cheer up!

Tips and tricks for using your microwave


If you have that artifact it can be your salvation . Many things can be cooked in the micro, including eggs. You have lots of tips on the blog to take advantage of your microwave .

You can cook asparagus, potatoes , vegetables, heat the sofrito that you have already made previously or the tomato sauce mentioned above. Do not forget to prepare a good fish or meat, I assure you that the result is yummy.


If the iron is not your thing, you do not have a microwave and raisins of salad, look at me intently: the oven is waiting for you.

You just have to be careful not to burn yourself but you can make a baked chicken or roasted fish in a little while and without needing too much skill. I’m not saying anything anymore, if you want to be an expert pastry chef with some cake to beat, oven and to succeed… you have a few on the blog, I recommend cheese ones .

Come on, get up, you have many options to start cooking even a little.

With tomato and eggs you can make a Cuban rice and with the sofrito a stew or a paella …. (if you come too high). There is something to start with, I trust you.

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