Seasonal food in June

seasonal food in June

The seasonal foods are healthier, cheaper and more environmentally friendly, but … what foods are in season in June?

What to eat in June?

In June, summer fruits begin to be available throughout the country, they are my favorites and also essential to maintain good hydration when the heat starts. Take the opportunity to consume a lot of watermelon and melon for its high water content. With a good mixer you can make smoothies or smoothies combining fruits and adding some milk, yogurt, juices or ice, make your own combinations and discover your favorite! If you also put colored straws and other decorations, the children will happily take them for a snack. An easy way to grab up to two pieces of fruit without hearing them protest.

As for the vegetables, tomatoes, peppers and gazpacho they are at their best to make you a good gazpacho or salmorejo. If you are tired of the recipes of always I propose some  original recipes to make gazpacho and other cold soups . With watermelon, cherries and even dried fruit, so you don’t get tired of one of the most classic recipes of our gastronomy.

With the tasty scorpionfish in season, you can make yourself a cold scorpionfish pie  for hot summer dinners or take it to your first days at the pool. The tuna and tuna are still in season, try making a grilled belly or a salad with tuna , it takes just a few minutes and it is a healthy way to eat blue fish without being hot in the kitchen. Also in June San Juan is celebrated and the best way to do it is with good grilled sardines  or a sardine cake .

Recipes with seasonal ingredients in June

Click on the ingredient that interests you to see all the recipes you can cook:

  • Fruits: apricot, melon , plum, banana, cherry, watermelon , avocado, figs and peach
  • Vegetables: zucchini , turnip, lettuce , squash , green beans, and bell pepper
  • Fish: swordfish, scorpionfish , sardine , squid , baby squid ,  monkfish , anchovy, tuna, northern tuna, hake and dogfish

In Rechupete Recipes we have made this downloadable so you know at a glance what are the fruits, vegetables and fish that are in season during the month of June . Download it, share it or print it, you can put it in your fridge, take it to the purchase or use it so that the children of the house learn about seasonal food in June.

Download Seasonal Foods in June

Free downloadable

You can easily share the free downloadable tummy with friends and family via email. You can also print and save them in a folder so they are always at hand in the kitchen, or put them in your fridge. At Rechupete Recipes we like to make your life easier!

Tip: If you keep the printed sheets in laminated sleeves you will keep them safe from food stains and they will last you many years.

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