Galician Cuisine of Rechupete

Galicia is delicious and you know it. I have a friend (and she is not Galician) who always says, put a Galician in your life, and she will be a little bit happier… and I really believe that it is true.

I once heard a great gourmet say that, if all men eat, only a few know how to eat, and he added that it is with reflection, with thought, how we should choose our dishes, and with the imagination to taste them.
Álvaro Cunqueiro

What a great reason our friend Cunqueiro had . In fact, I’m about to tattoo this quote somewhere on the body. It reflects what cooking is to me, and specifically, Galician cuisine .

If you think like me, it does not matter, I no longer have to convince you to buy this wonder (I say it without any doubt) and if you also know Galicia you know that eating here is a religion. That is a point in our favor, and this book is a piece of my Galicia.

Our kitchen is one of the most famous in the whole country, appreciated for the quality of its products, its simplicity and its tradition. And that is saying a lot in a country where you eat well everywhere.

If you have chosen Galicia as a destination for rest and vacations, it may or may not rain, but it is true that you are going to eat well , whether in a village or a large city.

Dishes generous in quantity, flavor and quality, recipes steeped in history, which have fed generations here and there. But also innovative dishes that bear the seal of ” Atlantic cuisine ” around the world. For a Galician, eating is not a necessity but an art. 

What will you find in “Galician cuisine of yummy”?

I have selected some of the most famous dishes from my land, 90 recipes in 7 families that represent everything that my son Xoel should try one day to feel at home.

A recipe book that started as notes in a red-covered notebook. There I wrote down the recipes prepared by my grandmother Lucrecía, the delights of my mother Rosa and the desserts of my sister Nuria.

The Galician base of Rechupete Recipes that triumphs in the networks and now also, in your home.

This recipe book I hope is a classic in more than one house preceded by the texts of two television friends, Sergio Pazos , who defines himself as “an actor and passionate about the Spanish omelette”, and Tonino Guitián , screenwriter and actor in cooking shows .

Galician cuisine of yummy

  • Hardcover: 288 pages
  • Publisher: Larousse; Edition: edition (April 18, 2019)
  • Collection: Larousse – Illustrated / Practical Books – Gastronomy
  • Spanish Language
  • Price: € 22.5
  • ISBN-13: 978-8417720339

Buy from Amazon. Link here .

A book to use and cook yummy. I hope to see it if I enter your kitchen, with some stain of something rich and used to the end for the enjoyment of family and friends.

Dare to let yourself be carried away by the senses and fill your stomach with some Galician delicacies. Bo provided!

By the way, we are drawing for Instagram . If you want to participate you just have to go to our last publication and comment on your favorite Galician recipe.

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