The scariest Halloween recipes

halloween recipes Call it Samain or Samhain, Day of the Dead, Halloween, Halloween … or just party just because yes, say it as you like but have a good time.

Celebrations wherever they are are to celebrate, and the more the better.

It is true that as a child I have never celebrated Halloween or Samaín as it is now called in Galicia. Anglo-Saxons have made this festival a costume festival, a great business that is present between the celebrations of Autumn, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Black and orange celebrates that our ancestors are closer to us, the world of the living is closer to that of the dead and that gives a lot to celebrate.

Now we can already say that this party is global,  Halloween , this American party is here to stay and that is reflected in the internet searches and in all the blogs, not just gastronomy.

The growth of these recipes to prepare among the youngest (those who most enjoy this party) and why not, the oldest who have it as an excuse to get together and go out on the spree, is 250% compared to last year.

Not only does Halloween knock on our doors, the new traditions are mixed with the lifelong recipes of All Saints’ Day , celebrated in Spain in style.

The fritters , the panellets or empiñonados, the bones of holy and recipes with pumpkin meet with ghost brownies or cupcakes Frankenstein .

This festival is of Celtic origin  on the night of October 31 to November 1, it was one of the most important of the pagan period that dominated Europe until it became Christian.

It has been practiced for more than 3,000 years by the Celtic peoples who have populated the whole of Europe, although not exactly as we know Halloween today .

Originally, it was a night of celebration of the end of the harvest season, considered the “Celtic New Year” or “End of Summer” . A feast of transition as an opening to the other world, in which the spirits return to earth, and the evil spirits had to be driven away with a series of ceremonies.

Halloween or Halloween

This party has become the perfect excuse to have fun with costumes, parties, scary stories or the traditional trick or treat and, of course, through gastronomy preparing terrifying dishes. A perfect occasion to let our imagination run wild.

We have chosen the most terrifying recipes you can imagine and, of course, the most practical so that everyone can prepare them at home. If you dare to celebrate with yours tonight and you still do not know what you are going to prepare, I will help you with our most terrifying and spectacular Halloween recipes.

halloween sausage mummies
Sausage Mummies
This appetizer or starter can also be a delicious dinner, the mixture of hot dog and pizza dough is delicious. Choose your favorite sausages and roll it brown, you have them bigger, smaller, a German Bratwurst or the typical Frankfurt, you can even dare with a white sausage or fresh sausage. It is also such an easy recipe that the little ones can prepare dinner themselves.
Pumpkin Pie Recipe
Pumpkin Pie (American Pie pumpkin)
The combination in this pumpkin cake with cinnamon, cloves and ginger are perfect and balanced, ideal to enjoy as juicy and very rich cake. A recipe of Anglo-Saxon origin, it is a spiced pumpkin cake , a pumpkin spiced sponge cake . Americans don’t understand Halloween without their pumpkin pie , and today’s recipe is in a variation.
Pumpkin with guacamole
Pumpkin with vomit of guacamole
On this Halloween night , let gastronomy become the most important point, costumes and surely a few beers that this recipe will not even paint. Let the  tomato, onion, serrano pepper, coriander, lemon and avocado be the most original and fun. Without forgetting that tonight we can also eat in a delicious and nutritious way.
halloween ghost brownies
Ghost Brownies
The classic nutty chocolate brownie  almost everyone likes. The idea for this  Halloween dessert  are chocolate-bodied ghosts and a savanna made with a mascarpone and orange cheese frosting . The combination is glorious, the perfect consistency of chocolate and the smoothness of cream cheese and citrus, a true work of art.
halloween witch fingers
Witch fingers
If you think that day deserves to be scared and prepare something terrifying to surprise your friends, I recommend that you go into the kitchen and prepare these realistic witch fingers . We have made it even more realistic with a little bit of red sugar paste and raspberry jam. The photo is a little gore, more than Halloween can not be.
Halloween sponge cake Frankenstein
Frankenstein cupcakes
What do you think of these green cupcakes to give that dotted goré to your dinner? Transform your house and recreate a most terrifying environment. A  green sponge cake with eyes and a little bit of strawberry syrup coming out of the sides. The little ones will like it … a lot.
Halloween Huesillos
This is a very old and simple recipe that reminds us of donuts due to the type of dough. As its name indicates, this sweet is shaped into a bone, a bone. Forming a cylinder of about 12-15 cm. which will then grow during frying, opening slightly to resemble a delicious bone.
ginger cookies
Gingerbread cookies in the shape of a skeleton
A great idea to have children at home entertaining and fun on Halloween afternoon-night. Make some gingerbread cookies together and decorate them with skeletons to celebrate this day and share with friends.
brookies browny cookie
Brookies double chocolate
Prepare with your friends this type of monstrous chocolate cake and more chocolate, dark as night. You will combine the typical chocolate brownie and American cookie cookies, a bomb to be full of energy on Halloween night.

Last Minute Halloween Tips

  • Don’t throw your party long after Halloween, it doesn’t make much sense.
  • If you cannot celebrate it that day, it is best to do it a few days before.
  • Avoid weekday nights, no matter what day Halloween falls this year.
  • It is better to have your party a week before. If, for example, Halloween falls on a Friday night, instead of a weekday night.
  • Even families without children who go to school have obligations and will not be able to stay late at your party.

You can share your recipes and Halloween tips with everyone with the hashtag #HalloweenDeRechupete .

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