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How to make a Bloody Mary

How to make a Bloody Mary


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  • 5 minutes
  • For 1 people
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How to make a Bloody Mary cocktail . One of the most successful drinks or cocktails internationally is this drink that some say is a revitalizer born, with healing powers that raises up to a dead. If you like to make different cocktail recipes this is one of those drinks that you have to prepare at home, Bloody Mary triumphs not only for its originality but also for its combination of flavors, quite a surprise.

They say that a good Sunday brunch or lunch worth its salt should start with a Bloody Mary, a delicious and refreshing drink thanks to the healthy portion of tomatoes and other vegetables it carries. The origin of this fresh and salty cocktail, which has so many fans in the world, is uncertain, although its origin is located in the Harry’s New York Bar in Paris in 1921, created by Fernand Petiot who came up with mixing vodka with tomato juice. . While Petiot was preparing the cocktail the patrons of the bar suggested the name of Bloody Mary. As a reference to the nickname of Maria Tudor, reference to Queen Mary I of England, who received such a unique name after ordering a cruel persecution against Protestants in the 16th century, one of the most terrifying periods in the country.

After the ban on alcohol in the US, Petiot would have traveled to New York where he worked at the King Cole Bar of the Hotel St. Regis and during that time he added more spices to the cocktail such as horseradish, Tabasco sauce, lemon juice and celery salt. Since then, Bloody Mary has evolved, being one of the most popular cocktails. Here you have all my secrets and those of Tomy so that it is delicious. Serve in a high or low round glass, accompanied by a sprig of celery. Encourage you to prepare it at home.

Preparation of a Bloody Mary

There are varieties of Bloody Mary that you can prepare for almost any occasion. If you want to know how to prepare a perfect Bloody Mary, simply follow these steps.

  1. Add the vodka (for a large glass approximately 50-60 ml), the Worcestershire sauce, the Tabasco and the lemon juice. We give it our touch with celery salt, beef broth and freshly ground black pepper.
  2. The moment we have everything in the glass we are going to stir using a cocktail rod or any other long utensil that we have on hand. Finally we complete the glass with the tomato juice.
  3. We add enough whole ice cubes in a large glass, until it covers it. It is important that the ice does not melt much and serve in a long glass.
  4. Once everything is mixed, the Bloody Mary is served in a high-capacity glass and is topped with a celery stalk and a lemon wedge as decoration. We can also cover the edges of some glasses with lemon juice. Simply rub a lemon wedge over the edges of the glasses.

Bloody Mary is the perfect drink for a brunch and is said to also help with hangovers. Whatever the reasons, we leave you the recipe and a video so you can learn how to prepare it.

Curiosities of this cocktail

  • A hotel customer ordered a Bloody Mary cocktail and when they served it they did not bring him a stirring rod, so he ended up removing the cocktail with a celery stick. When tasting it, he realized that the flavor had improved surprisingly. Since then there is no bartender who does not add a celery log to the Bloody Mary ingredients.
  • When making a recipe to prepare a Bloody Mary, you must use tomato juice and vodka of the highest possible quality, since much of its flavor will depend on the mixture.
  • It is said that Tabasco was added to the original Bloody Mary recipe to get a stronger flavor and thus live up to its name.
  • One of the attractions of this drink is that it does not properly look like a cocktail, as it is not as strong. In addition, the mixture of tomato juice and various condiments allows each bartender to play with his own tastes. In Mexico some people even add some seafood juice, such as clam, the famous clamato, as if it were a Michelada.
  • The Worcestershire Sauce has a very famous English sauce, with a vinegar flavor that improves many recipes. It can be bought in Spain in almost all supermarkets and department stores.
  • It is very important when making Bloody Mary that the ice does not melt completely but that it still serves to cool the drink, so it is recommended that it be inserted last.


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