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French toast

French toast


  • Very easy
  • 20 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • € 0.55 / person

How to make French toast . It is a recipe with a history of popular origin. It was created by European chefs to take advantage of the bread from the day before. The recipe that has lasted the longest is the one that comes from France. Hence its name, although there they are known as Pain Perdu (lost or wasted bread). It is one of the essentials in a complete weekend breakfast or in a perfect bruch , so fashionable these days.

There is documentation that could trace the history of the recipe back to the time of the Romans. One of the original names was Pain a la Romaine . It follows that it was a dish made by wealthy people. Since in the oldest recipes in which it appears it was said that the crusts of bread were discarded and this would never be done by the poorer classes. It is in the United States where they are most popular and are known as French toasts . In some parts of America also they are known german Toasts, or even spanish american Toasts Toasts (very similar to French toast ) . In England they are known as poor knights of Windsor .

They could be compared to the French toast from our recipe book although the elaboration and the final result are different. The main difference is that the French toast is fried in oil while the French toast is made with butter. The Toasts French have a very simple preparation and are ideal to surprise your partner preparing her breakfast one weekend either.

They are not for every day since their caloric intake is important but from time to time they are a highly recommended pleasure. To make them I recommend “local” bread since both the crumb and crust have more consistency than sliced ​​bread. The ideal is to take them warm, they are delicious.

Preparation of French toast

  1. As I mentioned in the introduction, I have prepared them with village bread. When choosing bread make it to your liking, we can make them more consistent if we use village bread, made in a bakery or lighter if we use sliced ​​bread or a brioche .
  2. If we use bakery bread, it should be the day before, since it must be a little hard and dry. These toasts are usually taken on the spot, so use the bread that you like the most. Take advantage is that you have at home and that he has stayed overnight.
  3. We cut the bread into slices of about 3-4 cm. We have to make sure they have a homogeneous crumb all over the slice. If they have holes we will discard them since they would not soak the mixture well and the presentation would not be so appetizing.
  4. Then we beat the eggs in a bowl. We pour the milk and add the sugar and cinnamon. At the same time we can already be heating the butter in a frying pan.
  5. We place the slices of bread in the bowl allowing them to soak well. Turn them over so that they do well on both sides but taking care that they do not fall apart.
  6. Once soaked they are put in the hot pan and fried. We will turn them around and remove them when they have taken a golden color on both sides.
  7. We will serve them with butter, jams of different flavors, syrup or a combination of fruit and sweet.

I recommend you cut banana into thin slices and add honey. Laminate strawberries and add a little cream, or make a chocolate and hazelnut cream base and combine it with banana.

As you can see the possibilities are endless. They will go as far as your imagination reaches, they can also vary depending on the time of year if you make them with fruit.

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