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Galician coffee liquor

Galician coffee liquor


  • Easy
  • 6 minutes
  • For 10 people
  • 1.3 € / person

How to prepare homemade coffee liquor . “Licor do negro café que me tumbas que matas, Licor do negro café fasme walk with four legs. COFFEE LIQUOR Black coffee liquor who can say NON! Licor do negro café deixame poñerme en pé, come with me to unha festa, get drunk with me, who can catch us tomorrow hugged as friends… ” – Lamatumbá – Licor Café.

Well, this is how the song by the group Lamatumbá begins, it is an inescapable reference for new Galician music and has already established itself as one of the bands from Ourense with one of the best live shows. I have chosen the lyrics of this song because it explains forcefully what this liquor means within Galicia. It is not only associated with a party and a meeting, but also with a gathering, friends and celebration.

Each house keeps the homemade recipe of its LIQUEUR COFFEE with a certain secret, because no two are the same and each one has its touch to make it richer than that of the neighbor.

Materials and ingredients for making coffee liquor Thus we find scholars on the subject and coffee liquor can be differentiated depending on the geographical area of ​​Galicia in which it is made.

What to say that the best is found in the province of Ourense, a great producer of this liqueur and distilled spirits from the vagazo of the grape. The base of this liquor: White cane or marc, Galician brandy, of high quality.

The simplest formula is not anything secret, but it is a composition based on brandy, coffee and sugar.

It requires a period of maturation and filtering. But I present here the one that I have been doing for years and that I think is very good (they say…).

Although I will tell you some variations for you to try other known recipes.

If you like coffee, be sure to watch some of our latest videos, how to prepare coffee at home with all the advice of Oscar de Toro, one of the best baristas in Spain.

Preparation of coffee liquor

  1. We put the brandy in a jar (I use one of 3 l of olives that Nacho gave me) or a bowl (which can then be covered).
  2. In a saucepan we prepare a syrup with water (100 ml) and sugar. It does not need to be long, with a boil arrives. It is allowed to cool and we add it to the brandy.
  3. Let’s grind the coffee or if you don’t have a grinder, buy the coffee that you like the most already ground Unfiltered brown liquor .
  4. Now we are going to flavor our brown liquor (many purists of this liquor do not usually do it, although I have always seen my grandmother add the orange and the lemon, the cinnamon is my thing).
  5. We peel a lemon and an orange. Important that it does not go with the white part because it is bitter, it is best that we peel them as finely as possible. We add them with the coffee to the brandy.
  6. We also put the cinnamon stick. Ami I like that touch but many people are not convinced, so it is optional, it gives it a delicious aroma.
  7. We cover and leave like this for about 10 days approximately. Stirring it daily so that it mixes well.
  8. After this time we strain it by putting a fine cloth in the strainer or you buy a cloth strainer (I only have one for the brown liquor). You have to filter it at least twice.
  9. We bottle and let stand in a place where it is not very hot. I recommend you let a year pass between its preparation and consumption. Although for the anxious who can not wait, from 3 months it can be tried.

Tips and recommendations for a yummy brown coffee liqueur

  • When you go to make brown liquor that is at least 3-5 liters. When bottling they are about 7 bottles because part of the alcohol evaporates.
  • You can also add the juice of the orange. It gives you a fruity dot.
  • Luci in Allariz let me try a coffee liquor made with decaffeinated coffee, it was very good and the difference is not noticeable. The point is that a high coffee shot, which if you are not used to, will not let you sleep.
  • It is best to drink it very cold. In my house I always have a small 1/2 l bottle of brown liquor in the freezer.

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