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English apple tart. Apple pie

English apple tart. Apple pie


  • Half
  • 120 minutes
  • For 8 people
  • 0.6 € / person
  • 290kcal per 100g.

How to prepare an apple pie or Apple Pie. As I have repeated many times, I am passionate about apple dessert recipes .

I was looking forward to including this recipe that I’m sure you will love, English apple pie or Apple pie . I have tied the blanket to my head and I have decided to prepare the dough for the cake, hence it has indicated medium difficulty. But if you do not want to get complicated, you can buy fresh shortcrust pastry and this will be faster and easier.

Although the exact origin of the apple pie is unknown, in 1390 the cookbook “The Forme of Cury” was published, which contains a very similar apple pie, “ Tartys in applis ”, although in this the filling also incorporated figs , pears, raisins and saffron. However, it is in the United States where it reaches its popularity, known as the American apple pie .

In many restaurants it is usually accompanied with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, I like it as it is, without ice cream, without cream, just as it comes out of the oven. Sometimes I do not have time to cool and remove it from the mold to take a small piece.

It is perhaps with the classic apple pie and the special one , which I like the most. On the blog you can find another approach to the classic  apple pie or apple pie , but this recipe, any of the 2 have their grace and are to repeat over and over again. If you dare to prepare it, you will be guaranteed success.

Preparation of Apple Pie Dough

  1. We start with the dough of the cake. In a large bowl add the flour, sugar and salt. We mix.
  2. Add to the mixture the very cold butter cubes (freshly removed from the fridge). We mix them with the rest of the ingredients. Since it is necessary to avoid that the butter is heated, I mix it with some knives and then I finish with my hands very clean. It should look like crumbs.
  3. We add 7 tablespoons of water (if you need more you can add) to make the dough look like a ball. We will knead until it is unified and easily detaches from the walls of the container. Try not to heat the dough too much with our hands, we only unify.
  4. We divide the resulting mass into two balls. We wrap them in film and put them in the fridge for two hours.
  5. Half an hour before removing the dough, we begin to prepare the filling.

Preparation of the Appel Pie

  1. We peel the apples and remove the core. We cut them into slices (half moon) and leave them in a large bowl.
  2. Add a tablespoon of lemon juice, white and brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, a handful of raisins and cinnamon. We mix all the ingredients with our hands and let it marinate for about 15 minutes.
  3. We take the dough out of the fridge and put it on a smooth and clean surface previously floured. We stretch it with a roller, as well as the base of our mold, carefully so that it does not crack.
  4. Grease the mold with margarine or softened butter and put the dough covering both the base and the walls of the mold. We reserve in the fridge.
  5. We turn the oven on at 180 ° C with heat up and down so that it preheats. We take out the other ball of dough and repeat the previous procedure, stretching it on the floured surface. We chop the cookies.
  6. We remove the mold from the fridge and put the chopped cookies covering the base. Next, we cover the apple filling evenly, making circles from the ends to the center, with several layers.
  7. We sprinkle with a little of the liquid that is left over from macerating. Optionally, we can distribute a tablespoon of cold butter in pieces on the filling.

Baking and final presentation of apple pie

  1. We cover with the top of the dough that we have prepared. We join the edges of the upper and lower dough well until the cake is well sealed.
  2. Then we make some cuts on the top, so that the cake breathes and brush with a little milk.
  3. We take it to the oven and leave it for 50-55 minutes at 180 ° C, with heat above and below, watching out so that it does not burn. And when the dough is golden brown, remove the tart and let it cool to remove from the mold.
  4. We serve warm. We can accompany it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, I like it as it is, without ice cream, without cream, just as it comes out of the oven. A little bit of icing sugar on top and repeat.
  5. Along with the cheesecake or cheesecake , this original apple pie or apple pie is the most traditional pie in England. Ideal to accompany the tea at five o’clock or as a dessert.
  6. Unlike other cakes, shortcrust pastry covers the filling made from pippin apples flavored with a mixture of spices. This is the English-style apple pie , a traditional recipe.

The custom is to serve it warm and watered with a little thick cream, let cool before unmolding. We serve it warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and sprinkled cinnamon.

You can see all the photos of the step by step in the next album.  

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