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Homemade cheese flan

Homemade cheese flan


  • Easy
  • 50 minutes
  • For 8 people
  • 0.5 € / person
  • 176kcal per 100g.

How to prepare a cheese flan . This is one of the dessert recipes made with egg and cream cheese that you like the most that delights children and adults.

There are many favorite desserts at home, but this one in particular wins by a landslide, they told me on twitter ” that he was looking for the flan of his memory, that it is very difficult to find exactly what you remember, sometimes it is more sentimental, due to the situation, how tasteful ”.

Like rice pudding or fried milk , sometimes you come up with a recipe that is not the same but that almost hits the target, I don’t know if this cheese flan will be the one you remember but it will surely come very close to it. Try the recipe and then you will tell me, what I assure you is that it is as good as the egg orange , nougat or  good pudding flan .  

This recipe I have prepared in individual flaneras to avoid that it stays so dry, with which the recipe earns many points. It is a very simple dessert in its preparation and comfortable in its planning. Well, it is made with few ingredients that everyone has at home: eggs, cheese, milk and sugar, together two of my passions, flan and cheese. Also I leave you a step by step of how to make the perfect candy.

There is no doubt that it will become one of your favorite sweets and even the base of various dessert recipes . A luxury available to anyone with an indecent texture and flavor, you will tell me!

Preparation of caramel for flan

  1. We put a saucepan or a frying pan on the fire at medium intensity so that it reaches temperature.
  2. We add the ingredients in the following order: 5 tablespoons of white granulated sugar, a little water (3 tablespoons) and a few drops of lemon.
  3. Leave on medium heat without stirring (at first we should not move much because it will weigh down). We will see how little by little small bubbles begin to form and the sugar changes color.
  4. When this happens we remove, now yes, with a wooden spoon and we help to mix everything.
  5. Remove from the heat and continue stirring until it reaches that roasted honey caramel color. We add a few drops of lemon juice that will give it shine and will not crystallize quickly.
  6. Let it warm for a minute and caramelize the walls of the flannels or where we are going to prepare the flan.
  7. We put the caramel in the bottom first and we go turning or tilting little by little through the walls of the molds until everything is impregnated with caramel.
  8. Let it cool down until it is medium hard.

Preparation of cheese flan

  1. It is a very simple recipe, the first step is to pour condensed milk, the cream cheese that you like the most, whole milk, sugar and vanilla in a bowl. We beat everything.
  2. Add the eggs and beat again until there is a creamy mass with a little foam.
  3. Fill the central tray of the oven with water. We raise the temperature of the oven to 200º C until the water begins to boil.
  4. We are going to cook the flan in a bain-marie. This is a method used in the kitchen, to give a uniform temperature and heat slowly during the cooking process. This makes it slower and smoother.
  5. We put the cream cheese flan in small aluminum custard molds. The individual metallic molds of a lifetime or in a large flan if you want a large cheese flan.
  6. We cover them with aluminum foil. We put them in the oven in the tray with the water for approximately 40-50 minutes at about 200º C. Until the flan are curdled and golden.
  7. The oven will not stain anything at all but be careful not to burn yourself with the water in the tray.

Final presentation of cheese flan

  1. The last 10 minutes of cooking it is better to remove the aluminum foil so that the upper part gets a little color.
  2. After 50 minutes test with a knife to see if they are completely curdled. If it comes out clean they will be ready, if we don’t leave them a little more.
  3. Let cool to room temperature and then put them in the fridge. They will be much better cold and from one day to the next.
  4. Carefully unmold in a plate so that all the flan is bathed with the caramel and enjoy.
  5. As you have just seen, it is a very simple recipe, a delicious cheese flan for all friends or guests to float at any meal.

Tips and recommendations for a yummy cheese flan

  • A creamy dessert and at the same time with a smooth texture, with a cheese flavor but without overdoing it. It is still a flan and I advise you to take it very cold.
  • Exquisite with a little whipped cream or with a cream of berries, the contrast of the acid flavor is not even painted.
  • You can also prepare it in large format, although the good thing about the individual format is that later you can present it much better. If the video and the recipe do not reach you, do not miss the step by step of the cheese flan recipe .

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