Eat at school. All you need to know. Recipes

Eat at school.

Grandmother’s diary that brings her grandson to school daily.

October of the current era: anti added sugar, anti fats, anti childhood obesity and probiotic.

Today was a pretty good day. I had breakfast as usual and Antonio and I went for a walk, I didn’t get too tired. In the afternoon we argue, well, normal. It’s just that today it was his turn to look for the boy at school because I had a course.

He always gets mad when he has to go alone, because that’s a mess of cars. But I already told you I can’t do more. If my daughter points me to a course of ” sandwiches ” what am I going to do.

Besides, I don’t mind going, only now it seems that what we grandparents do is worth nothing. Well, when they were little they did not carry anything and endured until lunchtime without protest.

Anyway, now children have to bring something to eat for school by mid-morning, and it has to be healthy, appetizing, creative …

The course was very good, they gave us a talk with a lot of data on childhood obesity that continues to have a very high percentage in Spain. And how do we have to change children’s habits to stop that.

Not if I retired to learn things. It became clear to me that children are beaten by sight . What a novelty, but now they call it promoting organoleptic properties :

  • Cut the fruit with the cookie cutters that are shaped like a star, or heart
  • Make sticks with raw vegetables of different colors such as carrot, pepper, cucumber and tie them with a carrot leaf twig as if it were a sprig. It doesn’t matter if they eat it too, I asked, it seems to be very nutritious but it tastes like lightning.
  • Use sesame seeds or pipes to decorate or simulate faces.

Everything seemed very good to me, but that woman made me sick, the one from the workshop. Every time we put on the practical part, he would start screaming behind me, driving me crazy: “Organoleptic Jacinta! Don’t forget the organoleptic! ”

Anyway, for me it will not be, that my daughter called me to see if she had understood the course well. But you will see when I say to Antonio that you have to buy German bread, from that black of pressed seeds that combines very well with hummus of chickpeas and beets that is fuchsia pink.

Or cut a piece of Garcia Ulloa cheese and stick raw almond slices into it until it looks like a porcupine .

Or that we have to cook smoked tofu in grilled sheets with oil and soy sauce, and then cut it into cubes.

If it seems that we retired and suddenly became silly, and that is what really makes Antonio angry.

And of course, as it is very important to involve the child in these things, because we have to go with him to buy a nice tupper that he likes, my daughter told me from Buslailliar , to match the toothbrush bag.

And prepare in the afternoon energy cereal bars another day oatmeal cookies , another oatmeal and orange , another oatmeal and kiwi , that oatmeal is very important.

And from time to time carrot muffins that are now called mafin . We also have to make a template with colors to stick in the fridge and decide with it what we are going to put in the tupper every day . And I bought more markers.

If I am very aware, he knew almost everything they talked about, except the baba ganus that Jesus what name! if at the end it was aubergine pâté .

But I consider myself very modern, so I do not close to anything just that I do not know, I thought that this stage of life was going to be calmer. Fortunately, the child is a love and we do whatever it takes for him.

Anyway, I am going to write down here the rest of the things that we learned, to see the ones that I remember by heart that I exercise like this. Although with the recipes and new things that await me, I think I’m going to keep very fit.

Ideas to eat at school. Aim mothers and fathers.

  • Tupper with chopped fruit : mix two fruits of two colors that combine well, cut and cover with a damp cloth in the fridge, so it keeps best until the next day. And if the fruit does well, such as the apple, you can add lemon juice that will keep it almost freshly chopped for hours. Remember to vary a lot of fruits: orange, pear, melon, apple, watermelon, kiwi, strawberries and raspberries, peach, grapes (peeled, cut in halves and without seeds), pineapple, mango, plums …
  • Fruit skewers : depending on the age of the child, it is usually fun to prepare the skewers the day before with him. As this usually takes up more space with less fruit, it can be combined with a banana that is better to carry with your skin. They can also be combined with dried fruits, in those over 7 years of age as recommended by pediatricians. Interleaving two things with different textures usually works well.
  • Dehydrated fruit , such as prunes, grapes, or dried apricots. You have to pay attention to avoid those that have added sugar and also the dried apricots of orange color, since the natural ones that do not have coloring are dark brown. Dates are very interesting, you have to remove the bone or buy them now without it. They have a very sweet flavor, many properties and almost gummy texture . The pint does not call much but generally if the child who dares to try repeats. Dehydrated are ideal to combine with fresh fruit, but also with salty flavors.
  • Strips of turkey or chicken fillet , strips of omelette , tree of broccoli to steam or a homemade nuggets with vegetables . With the leftovers of food that endure a tuning, vary the cut and combined with some dehydrated fruit, it usually works very well.
  • Bread with smeared things. With almost any bread you can also use the cookie cutters or the imagination to make a mini-cake with a fun shape.
  • Vegetable pâtés are also interesting for our breakfast toast: hummus , guacamole , pativa de escalivada (made with cooked onion, bell pepper and eggplant, I have to look for the recipe), pâté with pepper and walnuts (this one had a strange name that I don’t remember), tomato paté or olive pate (the French tapenade). So that the bread does not get wet with these patés, a trick is to put it inside a rolled cheese slice, or between two slices, so it will touch the bread much less and this can be kept dry, which generally likes more.
  • Nut or seed creams : sesame paste (tahin) , peanut, almond, hazelnut , walnut, pistachio, cashew … They can be made at home with a kitchen robot and in plenty, as they are preserved good. But today they are already in quite a few supermarkets. As always, look at the composition and choose the one with the highest percentage of dried fruit and without added sugar.
  • And very important, do not forget about water , which should be the only drink in meals.

In short, daughter, point out that it is clearer for you

I think that the story or comic that Veronica has told us sums up perfectly that feeding a child in a world, and if it is school, even more so.

  • But if the child goes to the school canteen, they can also discover new flavors that sometimes they refuse to try at home, they learn to eat by themselves much earlier and they generate good eating habits eating fruits and vegetables. Also sweets that catch at recess, because not everything is going to be a balanced diet …
  • Surely your / or daughter / or will be influenced (positively or negatively) by the other children, if everyone eats vegetables … I assure you that yours will also. It will be in a more natural way, due to the instinct of imitation of the little ones when they see their peers eating. I myself have spent more than 1 hour trying to give Xoel dinner at home … and in the nursery he eats everything without question …
  • Eating with other children is also a way to enjoy friends, a different way to socialize.
  • And of course, checking what school canteens give our children … you don’t have to be a prestigious nutritionist to read the weekly school menu and see if it is balanced. Most of them (you have surely seen the Chicote program) enjoy strict quality controls, both when buying raw materials and when preparing menus.

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