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Duck ham and orange salad

Duck ham and orange salad


  • Easy
  • 15 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • € 1.5 / person
  • 212kcal per 100g.

How to make a duck ham salad with orange and walnuts . The real heat is approaching, the one in which what you want to eat are salad recipes , light and simple dishes, if possible, original, I would say even fun.

The combination may sound strange to you, but these ingredients marry perfectly. The freshness of our lettuce mezclum combines perfectly with the salty of one of Labeyrie’s star products, duck ham , the sweet and sour orange and the crunchy walnuts. A simple salad but it can be the perfect accompaniment to a special evening. All this seasoned with an exquisite vinaigrette, a smooth mustard sauce that will enhance flavors.

In this dish we can introduce some other ingredient such as a touch of smoked cheese, some foie gras slices or change the orange for mango or apricot. The salad can be totally changed just with this simple gesture, so do not cut yourself when it comes to varying ingredients and adjusting them to the taste of each house. Also if we add a little meat to our salads, whether in the form of duck ham, as in this case, or a white meat like chicken, or partridge, we are completing with proteins a perfect starter for our daily menu.

The fresh combination of the fruit together with the salty flavor of the ham makes this a very pleasant mixture that will triumph among our guests and also, spend little time in the kitchen. A fresh and rich in flavors salad, very easy and quick to prepare, cheer up with it. You will tell me.

Preparation of the salad of duck ham, oranges and walnuts

  1. We peel an orange and take the segments live. They must be clean and without a trace of skin, so that they do not bother or bitter. We collect the juice that is left in the orange. We reserve for the orange vinaigrette.
  2. We continue with the vinaigrette. Mix all the ingredients and add the orange juice (a little bit). We are going to use a glass jar with a lid to make the vinaigrette as I have explained in other recipes.
  3. We introduce all the ingredients and close the pot. Shake until emulsified, reserve.
  4. We prepare the different ingredients that we are going to need for the salad. We open the duck ham package and air the slices for a few minutes. Remember that we must remove the duck ham a little before consumption so that it is at its optimum point.
  5. We wash the leaves of the chosen mezclum (you can also prepare this salad with lettuce). Drain them and dry well. We put everything in a bowl to be able to dress them before assembling the plate.
  6. We put the chopped walnuts (half) in the bowl and the pieces of orange.
  7. Dress the salad with the orange vinaigrette in the bowl. We assemble the salad on a plate with a plating ring. We place the rest of the walnuts and the duck ham sheets on top.
  8. Dress with a little more vinaigrette just when we are going to bring the salad to the table. Bon Appetite!

You can see all the photos of the step by step in this album of this duck ham salad .


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