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Concentrated vegetable broth

Concentrated vegetable broth


  • Easy
  • 150 minutes
  • For 6 people
  • 1.1 € / person
  • 35kcal per 100g.
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How to make a concentrated vegetable broth.

Getting a flavorful vegetable broth is a difficult task, but not impossible. This concentrated vegetable broth recipe shows it loud and clear.

You only have to see the cover photo to understand that a vegetable broth does not have to be that somewhat bland liquid that we are used to.

A homemade broth is a luxury, but as long as it is a flavored broth. This, despite being made solely and exclusively with vegetables , is.

To achieve this, all you have to do is toast a good quantity and variety of chopped vegetables in the oven, then cook with water, drain and reduce the liquid to half its volume. As you can see, the process is simple and does not require strange utensils or advanced cooking knowledge. This concentrated vegetable broth is within everyone’s reach.

This broth is the perfect substitute for the classic demi-glacé (concentrated meat broth), but only vegetables are used in its preparation so it is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Although it is so tasty that we dare to say that carnivores will also adore it.

It is perfect to use as an ingredient in other preparations or to enjoy as is, in small quantities (which is very powerful), on a cold and rainy day. It tones the body that gives pleasure, in addition to being delicious.

Preparing the vegetables for the broth

  1. We turn the oven on, up and down, at a temperature of 150ºC.
  2. We wash all the vegetables and cut into small pieces. We can use a food processor and grate or thinly slice the vegetables if we have one at home.
  3. Another option is the mandolin or the manual grater. This will save us a lot of time.
  4. Grease a deep baking tray with a little extra virgin olive oil and place all the chopped vegetables on it. The oil will prevent the vegetables from sticking to the tray, but you can do without it.
  5. Add the concentrated tomato and mix well. tomato paste and mix everything well.

Baking, cooking and final presentation of the vegetable broth

  1. We put the tray in the oven and cook for about 45 minutes, checking the vegetables every 20 minutes and moving them so that the edges do not burn too much. The idea is that they are very toasted.
  2. When the vegetables have reached this point, water them with the water and continue cooking at the same oven temperature for an additional 45 minutes.
  3. Next, strain the broth twice: the first through a fine mesh strainer and the second through a cheesecloth or gauze (it must be very clean). With this we manage to eliminate the largest number of impurities and the broth is cleaner.
  4. Now all that remains is to pour the broth into a pot, bring it to the fire and cook over medium heat until its volume is reduced. Once ready, season to taste and ready to use.

A perfect way to prepare your homemade vegetable broth at home . I make liters and liters to always have on hand. Freeze the one that you will not use.

You can see all the photos of the step by step in this recipe album of homemade vegetable broth concentrate.

Tips for a yummy vegetable broth

  • It is not recommended to go over toasting the vegetables, the broth would be bitter. That is why we recommend paying attention to them and stirring occasionally so that they are roasted equally.
  • Vegetables can be varied to taste. This is the list that we have used and can serve as a guide, but it should not be followed to the letter. If you lack any, you omit it. If you have others that are not among our ingredients, you add them.
  • The final cooking of the broth is important because with it the flavors of the different vegetables are concentrated and the flavor we get is brutal. However, it can be a little strong and, therefore, it is best to use this broth to cook other dishes such as rice, sauces, etc.
  • If you want to consume the broth to drink or to make some soup, it may be better not to reduce it and use it after straining and filtering.
  • This broth freezes very well and can be made in ice cube trays. Then we just have to remove the cubes we need and ready.

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