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Cheesecake without jelly

Cheesecake without jelly


  • Easy
  • 25 minutes
  • For 8 people
  • 0.6 € / person
  • 360kcal per 100g.

How to make a cold cheesecake without jelly .

The cheesecake is one of those recipes for dessert with a multitude of proposals under the same name.

There is an infinite variety of cakes with this type of dairy. Today’s is a guaranteed success, due to its simplicity, cost and flavor, a cold cheesecake without gelatin.

From the most traditional cottage cheese tarts , cheeses or baked tarts, to the cold cheese cakes with topping, to the fantastic NY cheesecake of always or the chocolate cheesecake that is so popular on the blog.

The options are many and very different among them, but perhaps, the recipe that I bring you today, is one of the simplest, along with the cheese cake and white chocolate , and that less ingredients you need.

I leave you with this cake so simple that I assure you that it is delicious.

Preparing the cheesecake cookie base

  1. We crush the cookies with a kitchen robot or by hand, with the help of a mortar.
  2. When we have them reduced to crumbs, we incorporate the butter that we will have previously melted.
  3. Mix well with a fork until all the crumbs are soaked in the butter fat.
  4. We line the base of a removable mold, with baking paper or parchment paper.
  5. Thus, once we have the cake ready, the process of transferring the cake to a serving plate will be very simple.
  6. We spread the cookie crumbs all over the base of the mold. With the tips of our fingers, press until we have a solid base.
  7. We introduce the mold with the base of cookies in the oven, previously heated to 180º C. Bake the base for about 10 minutes.
  8. When baking the base we get that it does not come apart so easily at the time of cutting the cake. In addition to providing an extra flavor to dessert.
  9. Once the cookie base is baked, we remove it from the oven and let it cool while preparing the filling.
  10. The other option without oven is to add 50 gr. more butter and leave in the fridge until it solidifies from the cold.
  11. So you will have a slightly harder base when cutting. But it is another way to prepare the base of the cake without oven.

Preparation of the cheese cake without jelly

  1. In a bowl we combine all the ingredients of the cake, cream cheese and sugar. It is important that the cheese is at room temperature to be able to work it easily. We beat until we get a smooth and smooth cream.
  2. We whipped the cream until it was firm and carefully mixed with the cheese and sugar. In an enveloping way so that the cream does not fall. It must be homogeneous, you will see the point in the photos and video.
  3. We can add to the cake some type of seasoning that gives it an extra flavor. The flavors that I recommend are: lemon or orange zest, ground cardamom seeds or even the inside of a vanilla bean. They are perfect options to tune this cake.
  4. We dump the cream on the base of the already cold cookie and regularize the surface until it is as smooth as possible.
  5. We keep the cake in the frigo for one night or about 8-10 hours. From one day to the next it would be perfect.
  6. We remove the cake carefully and transfer it to a very nice plate to serve it.
  7. We can decorate it with cocoa powder or the jam that you like the most.

It is a very simple cake that, despite not having gelatin among its ingredients, achieves a creamy and consistent texture.

It is a super cheap dessert that will make your after-hours a delight.

Be sure to enjoy all the different desserts with cheese  that we have on the blog.

You can see all the photos of the step by step of this cold cheesecake recipe .

Tips for a yummy cheesecake

  • This cheese cake is a cake that fries, it does not need an oven for its preparation. Except that, optionally we can give the base of cookies to increase its consistency when cutting it into portions.
  • Although if you do not have, you just have to cool the cookie base in the fridge and avoid turning on the oven.
  • We only need a cream cheese, cream and sugar for the cream, and cookies and butter to prepare a classic cheesecake base. It will call your attention that gelatin is not among the ingredients of this dessert.
  • It is not an oversight or an oversight. We will not need gelatin to achieve a creamy and firm consistency of the cream of this cake. It will be the cream cheese and the cream, which will provide the necessary texture to get a great cheese cake.
  • A dessert that will come out delicious without the need for an oven or gelatin to achieve firmness and consistency.
  • It is a tasty and easy to prepare dessert that allows us multiple modifications. We can add lemon or orange zest, a teaspoon of vanilla essence will add a touch of flavor, or even add chocolate shavings.

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