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Burela bonito pie

Burela bonito pie


  • 70 minutes
  • For 8 people
  • 2.2 € / person
  • 285kcal per 100g.

How to make a Galician empanada with bonito from Burela . The Galician empanada needs no introduction. It is one of the great classics of Galician cuisine of which we can find a thousand versions.

Among the various   Galician empanadas , the bonito empanada is a classic. Today I bring you a recipe for empanada de bonito especial, a empanada de bonito bonito de Burela.

Empanada de carne , sardines , mussels , lacón con grelos , octopus , cockles , scallops , with wheat dough in the most traditional style or the wonderful corn empanada . The empanada options are almost endless but the classics are the classics and the empanada de bonito is, without a doubt, one of them.

In Burela tuna season we can use this delicacy to prepare endless dishes. At home it is almost an obligation in my house. But making empanada with it is a family tradition. Forget about the canned tuna for a moment and use the fresh tuna to make the empanada a luxury. But you can prepare your own canned Bonito to use throughout the year.

In today’s recipe a different pie dough was used. It is a recipe in which we do not need fermentation times, with a few minutes of kneading in which to integrate the ingredients, a yeast-free pie dough that we will have ready for filling.

It is a very tasty dough with a puff pastry. It is its liquid ingredients, wine, oil and milk that make this empanada dough recipe a sure success.

Preparation of the Galician pie dough without yeast

You have all the preparation of this Galician pie dough without yeast or rest in a separate article on the blog. But I have put a little summary in this recipe. Still you have the video of the mass in the post and in the general summary. Everything to make it perfect for you.

  1. In a bowl we add 400 g. Of flour. We will leave a part without adding to fatten the dough later if necessary.
  2. We add the rest of the ingredients, the salt and the 3 liquids, milk, white wine and olive oil.
  3. We begin to work the dough. As we knead, we incorporate the rest of the flour until we get a more workable dough.
  4. We must have a soft dough that does not stick to our hands. In this simple way we have the dough ready to spread and fill with our filling.

Preparation of the tuna empanada filling

  1. We clean in fish removing the skins and bones. Cut the bonito into small cubes and reserve.
  2. In a saucepan, heat a splash of olive oil. Add the onions, bell pepper and garlic, cut into cubes. Fry the vegetables until they are soft.
  3. Incorporate the fish, remove a few seconds to integrate with the rest of the ingredients and remove from the heat. The fish does not have to be cooked, it is a simple initial touch of fire. When it goes to the oven it will cook completely.
  4. Add the paprika and mix well. We reserve.

Assembly, baking and final presentation of the Bonito pie

  1. On a previously floured work surface, we divide the dough into two parts. We reserve one of them and proceed to stretch the other with the help of a roller. When we have it extended we place it on a source. In my case I have used a source with a diameter of 35 cm.
  2. We spread the filling over the entire surface of the dough and cover with the second half of dough that we have reserved and that we will have spread in the same way as the first.
  3. We seal the perimeter of the empanada by folding the two masses on themselves and we open a chimney in the center so that it serves as a vent during baking.
  4. We paint the surface of the pie with beaten egg and proceed to the baking. With the oven previously heated to 200 ºC, we bake the empanada for about 45 or 50 minutes, placing it towards the bottom of the oven.
  5. Once the empanada is baked we remove it from the oven and let it warm before enjoying it.

On the blog you will find different empanadas that I think you will also like. An empanada de lomo or the traditional cod empanada  are an example. I assure you that you will find a lot of ideas to make an empanada like in Galicia itself.

You can see all the step-by-step photos of this Galician breaded empanada recipe  in this album.

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