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Braised lentils with pork rib

Braised lentils with pork rib


  • Easy
  • 60 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • 3.2 € / person
  • 255kcal per 100g.

How to make lentils with pork rib

I think there is little more simple and fruitful than a good plate of homemade lentils . It is about looking for the ideal accompaniment and getting a delicious dish.

Whether it’s the traditional lentils with chorizo , the lighter lentils with vegetables , a great summer lentil salad, or a different option like a dahl or  Indian-style red lentil curry , lentils are always an unbeatable option.

Today I bring you a new recipe with this legume, lentils with pork rib. It is a very simple dish to prepare that allows us to enjoy again a product as healthy as lentils.

For this occasion I have used lentils of the pardina variety, small and very tasty, of course my favorites.

Combining this legume with some type of meat is always a good alternative when deciding how to prepare our lentils. Thus we include a part of animal protein in the recipe, which will make our lentil dish perfectly become a unique dish.

To get the best point of the meat, before adding it to the stew, we will spend a few minutes in oil, that is, we will initially brown the meat before adding it to the casserole, already at the end of the process.

It is about preparing some lentils with vegetables , those of the season, and that we have at home, and finally adding the meat point with the pork ribs. We keep the ribs finishing their cooking with the lentils so that they are impregnated with their flavor.

A simple and tasty dish that I’m sure will be delicious.

Preparation of lentils with pork rib

  1. We put the lentils to soak leaving them covered with water from the night before.
  2. Heat a splash of oil in a saucepan and add the chopped ribs and the garlic clove.
  3. We brown the ribs on all sides and remove them from the pot. We reserve.
  4. In the same casserole, with the same oil, fry the diced vegetables, onion, carrots and leek.
  5. Cook the vegetables until they are very soft, about 20 minutes over medium heat.
  6. We incorporate the ribs that we have reserved, the lentils and the salt.
  7. Cover with water and cook until the lentils are tender, about 30 minutes.
  8. We serve this complete plate of vegetables with meat, very warm.

It is a complete and nutritious spoon and fork dish, but at the same time light and healthy, with little fat and a lot of flavor. A whole recipe for yummy.

You can see all the photos of the recipe for lentils with pork rib  in this step by step.

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