Yummy dinners in 25 minutes

Dinners in 25 minutes Are you always in a hurry? Too busy to cook? Do you panic to enter a kitchen? Do not know how to do it?

Excuses! Don’t let yourself be dominated by the laziness of I already will. If you get “Dinners in 25 minutes” I assure you that you have a lot of walking, I do not promise anything (that attitude comes first) but surely you will get home after a hard day of work and you will have a lot of ideas to cook something more than fast food or pre-cooked food.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cook , nutritious dishes and why not, yummy are not at odds with time. Cooking must be a pleasure and when we have little time we do not need to torment ourselves or eat badly, just look for concrete strategies that help us continue offering the best to our body and our family without creating stress and simplifying our days.

In this book you will find quick, tasty and nutritious recipes so that you can eat every day of the week. Meals, designed to make life easier for beginners and also for those who lack of time do not allow them to enjoy cooking as they wish. With these recipes, you not only eat, but enjoy food.

I have been inspired by dishes from all over the world, adopting those flavors that we all like, playing with classic dishes that have succeeded in taco recipes . I assure you that they are tested and cooked over and over again, they are my best selection, the ones that I like to eat. In this book I am going to teach you how to prepare a complete dinner for you and yours, with cost per person and a very detailed step by step so that it comes out yes or yes. You will be amazed at what you are capable of achieving in less than half an hour.

inside yummy dinners Preparing rich, healthy and varied dishes in a short time is possible if you opt for salads, vegetables, fresh fish and preserves, including smoked meats, rice and pasta, legumes, meats and poultry. We’ve even included a recipe in each section for cooking on special occasions. Surprise your partner with a delicious dinner in a plis plas. You can make healthy and tasty dishes at the same time as making a sandwich or while heating up a slice of pizza.

The fastest and simplest recipes I’ve ever made. I am going to show you that it is possible to make a rich and easy menu in just 25 minutes. Ideal recipes for all lovers of simple and artless cooking . Dishes above all, very rich to eat well every day.

The 3rd yummy book comes from a lot of work and dedication, not only from me but also from Larousse’s colleagues with whom I work hand in hand, a thousand thanks to Angels Casanovas, Jordi Indurain, Eva Zamora, Roser Herrera, Enrique Vicien… and of all those who do not know (printing, layout, cover, commercials, bookstores …) that make it possible for this book to reach your hands.

It goes without saying that the illustrations are milk, hundreds of drawings so beautiful that I am going to make my own T-shirts, bed sheets and aprons, luxurious. I always say it but today I repeat it, put a  Jimena in your life , but find one that is mine.

If you like this blog you will like the new book Dinners in 25 minutes. You already know that in times of crisis, the price is very important, because we have thought about it, 15 euros and you will have a treasure in your kitchen, a piece of the yummy that we all carry inside. You are already taking a long time to order it in your usual bookstore, let the bookseller find out what you like, reserve it, they are sold out!

I leave you with the paper format of “Dinners in 25 minutes”. We have made an effort so that the price is in line with the times that we have lived, the margins are adjusted to the maximum. If you want to send us an email, [email protected], a photo with your book or ebook, it will be welcome, I will upload it to the post images folder. Thanks in advance.

Dinners in 25 minutes – Easy and tasty recipes.

  • Authors: Alfonso López Alonso (Author), Jimena Catalina Gayo (Illustrator)
  • Number of Pages: 256 – Rustic Binding with Flaps
  • Format 19 x 23.5 cm
  • Price € 15 for nothing.
  • Publisher: Larousse
  • ISBN: 978-84-16124-93-0
  • Edition: Spanish – Gastronomy Collection.

Where to buy the book?

For those who have asked me by mail and facebook, you have it from May 21 in all your trusted bookstores. If you are outside of Spain you can also buy it online: Amazon , El Corte Inglés, La Casa del Libro, Apunto, Fnac, …

You can see some photos of the presentation of Ourense in the next album.  

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