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Squid in ink

Squid in ink


  • Easy
  • 90 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • 3.8 € / person
  • 274kcal per 100g.

How to make squid in its ink .

The fish recipe that I present to you today is a classic in my house, one of the dishes that my mother prepares most whenever I visit Ourense on a visit.

This traditional recipe in our gastronomy, the squid stewed with its own ink becomes a delight, where the ink does not cover the squid but accompanies it to reinforce all its flavor.

It is true that we do not always have the opportunity to get good quality, fresh squid in the markets .

Most of the time they are either thawed from large fishing boats that freeze them on boats or, in the worst case, rings or tails already cut and clean.

Whatever type of squid we use, the recipe is worth it, perhaps the squid is not so tender and tasty if we do not use fresh product, but you will still have a dish of yummy.

Squid is a highly prized food in many cultures. Italy, China, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Mexico, Chile … count among their culinary repertoire some type of recipe where squid is the protagonist or is a common part with other ingredients.

The forms of preparation are many, from the most common in our country, such as using them as in the classic fried squid sandwich , battered, Malaga-style squid stewed with tomato, stuffed , in paellas, and of course, in its ink.

To prepare white rice we have not complicated ourselves much, a good round SOS rice and we have the perfect accompaniment.

I hope you come to the market, take advantage of that free moment of the day to buy quality squid and prepare this recipe, you will not regret it. Yummy!

Preparation of squid in its ink

  1. We clean the squid by removing guts, eyes, mouth and inner shell. We wash them well under the tap to remove possible remains and drain.
  2. We have to be careful with reserving and not breaking the ink bag that is inside. We will use this ink to give flavor and color to our stew.
  3. Cut the squid into rings and the tentacles into pieces and reserve.
  4. We place the ink in a glass with water and crush until the bag that keeps it breaks so that it detaches and stains the water. We reserve.
  5. In a saucepan we incorporate extra virgin olive oil. While it is heating, peel and cut the onion into irregular pieces and the minced garlic cloves.
  6. Add to the saucepan when the oil is hot. Sauté over medium heat for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally to avoid burning the bottom.
  7. Add the cut squid and let them fry with the onion for 10 more minutes. Season with salt and pepper.

Squid final stew. Final presentation

  1. Pour the wine into the saucepan and continue cooking for 2 minutes until the alcohol evaporates.
  2. We salt and add the dyed water that we have reserved passing it through a strainer.
  3. If we want we can add the content of a sachet of commercialized squid ink. It is enough that the water covers the squid, it would not need more.
  4. We let our stew cook over medium heat for 60 minutes, stirring occasionally to avoid sticking.
  5. If for some reason the sauce is too liquid and we like it thicker we will only have to add a teaspoon of cornstarch.
  6. We are going to dissolve it in a couple of tablespoons of water. This way we will get the sauce to thicken slightly. If, on the contrary, we see that water is running low during the process, we add a little more without problem. Rectifying salt if necessary.

Be sure to see all the step-by-step photos of this squid recipe in its ink. If you have doubts, follow the photos and you will get some delicious squid.

Tips for squid in your yummy ink

  • When seasoning in this recipe, I like to add salt on one side and unmilled peppercorns on the other. I like that the black pepper granites are at the end. I leave it to your liking, either whole or ground.
  • A good way to simplify the process is to use a pressure cooker instead of the traditional method, the times will be half, in 30 minutes you will have everything ready.
  • We serve the squid with white rice simply cooked in water with a splash of oil and salt, and we will have a dish of yummy.
  • Some squid that simply accompanied with sauces such as mayonnaise , aioli, tartar, cocktail, with chili … marinated, marinated in soybeans, in soups … in short, a multitude of options that allow us to enjoy this product of the sea in infinite ways.
  • Be sure to enjoy all the recipes for fish and seafood that we have on the blog.

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