Our best soups and creams. Practice ‘souping’

Practice ‘souping’ at home.

The soups can be a great remedy and comforting to help us be well fed and little heavy, especially after the final months of the year, summer vacation etc., as soups not only have to be hot.

Furthermore, soups are the key recipe for purifying and detoxifying the body, what we now know as detox.

Science verifies that having a soup with few calories before meals reduces the consumption of solid foods due to its satiating power.  

Today I will give you some tips and soups that can help you cleanse your body, not with the aim of losing weight, but with the aim of feeling light or light when your body asks you to.

Fasting soup

Ginger, coriander and lemon broth. And we call it broth because it is not an infusion, if not a broth. 

Ginger is the universal medicine , it favors the elimination of mucus in case of cough and cold. Lemon is another holy hand food for its vitamin C, so this broth will help us to deflate the body and start the day full of energy.

In a liter of water add 3 tablespoons of fresh striped ginger, a bunch of fresh coriander and the skin and juice of one lemon, sea salt and a little oil. 

It may be unappetizing a priori, but its benefits will make you repeat this potion more times than you think.

Soups for the summer

Tomato soup . A tomato soup suitable for vegetarians with more body than Florentine, as polenta gives an interesting thickness point to the whole.

Vichyssoise . Although you can get to hear vichisua (as I am commonly called in Spain) it is a well-known soup, and it is a variant of a traditional recipe of French cuisine. This soup is a cold salty cream made with leek, onion, potato and cream.

Cold cream of seeds and coconut milk

  1. The seeds are rich in omega 3, fiber, minerals, vitamins and healthy fats and the coconut is rich in iron, potassium, so for breakfast they are a source of total revitalizing energy.
  2. Heat a liter of water and add a hundred grams of grated dehydrated coconut, a little sea salt, a tablespoon of agave syrup.
  3. Mix together the seeds, nuts, pine nuts, sesame, flax seeds and pumpkin seeds. Bathe everything with a little sunflower seeds and you’re done.

Creams and more creams for Winter

Of pumpkin and curry, of carrots and squash , zucchini , spinach, leeks or asparagus.

Vegetable creams are great in winter because they are very easy to make, versatile, tasty, nutritious and very rich in vitamins, minerals and are also easy to prepare.

In addition, the vegetable creams combine with everything, with meat with fish, with your mid-day tupper or with your dinner.

Hipster broths

Surely you have tried miso soup , that’s why today I propose you a miso soup and wakame.

Miso is rich in minerals and vitamins. It is energizing and alkalizing for its high content of linoleic acid and lecithin, which help dissolve cholesterol in the blood. If you add miso and wakame seaweed what you get is a perfect option to have a fully functioning intestinal flora.

In a liter of water add a small fine onion, grated carrot, a pak choi leaf, celery, a strip of wakame seaweed, a tablespoon of oil, sesame and a tablespoon of miso.

Traditional broths

If you like forceful broths and like those of a lifetime, those that settle your body and those that are really detox, I suggest you try a chicken broth (with or without noodles),

The most traditional soups on the blog

If I have to decide, I will definitely choose a traditional chicken soup or a hash soup with its egg, its ham mmmm.

And if any soup is known throughout Spain, it is Castilian soup or garlic soups . Our grandmothers and mothers already prepared for us this very natural, traditional and comforting dish. Garlic, bread, paprika, water and a little ham were enough for them to remain gawking at the fire.

Galician or Portuguese broth

If what you like is the broth, you know that at home we throw for Galicia to the minimum, I recommend a Portuguese green caldito (this one is more forceful).

A Galician broth with turnip tops or a Gloria broth is the most Galician option and it enters any date of the year, not only in Winter.

I hope I have helped you and if you do not detox, it is because you have a better plan.

Take advantage!

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