How to save in the supermarket

How to save when you shop at the supermarket . You have to know how to buy, buy well to save, very important these days.

The product does not mean that it is the cheapest but that in which its quality / price is the best. I recently recommended several tips to make the purchase well . Not only to save, but to organize yourself in your day to day, better enjoy your time and energy. In short, live better on a well-managed budget.

The origin of what we understand today as a supermarket was inaugurated on September 16, 1916, when Clarence Saunders opened the first of Piggly Wiggly, the first supermarket chain in the world. This concept as we understand it has evolved and today it has little to do with what it was years ago, when they began to see themselves as a business that was a form of evolution of the traditional store.

In the marketing and strategy departments of small and large chains they try to offer good customer service. It is a way to build loyalty and maximize all possible sales opportunities, which forces the consumer to be alert. I will leave you in this post some tips to save in the supermarket.

Tips and recommendations to save on super

  • The shelves and shelves of supermarkets and the products that are in them are not randomly placed. There are a series of strategies designed to make the investment of the supermarket profitable.
  • The ideal route.  The shelves and shelves of the supermarkets are placed thinking of maximizing the yield of each visit of a customer. The customer has to pass in front of all of them before leaving, which increases the probability of purchase.
  • White marks are  not necessarily of lower quality, thought by many people. Its lower price responds to agreements between manufacturers and the distributor, in this case, the supermarket, and less effort in packaging and marketing. The quality parameters of the manufacturer brand and the private label are almost always the same. I say this because I have worked as a manufacturer and I know that the quality is the same, since the production costs to change a manufacturing line are very high, so In the supermarket with Oscar even the same ingredients are used. The product only varies in the packaging in which the product goes.
  • Everything on your site : The products are not randomly placed, but there is a strategy behind it. Those who are at the level of people’s eyes are those who are more likely to be chosen.
  • Featured products and offers are placed at the head of the shelves to make them more visible and to end up in shopping carts.
  • Near the boxes to pay , are the impulse purchase products. While you wait for the queue, you will surely see around you shelves with various products, they can fall into the shopping cart, from batteries, a comb, some chewing gums or the famous sweets that always end up in the bag when we go with the children to the shopping . The objective is that in those moments of waiting, the client takes something from them.

Tips to make the purchase and take what you really need

I leave you with the list of tips to avoid the most common mistakes and temptations, which will allow us to make a smart purchase in the supermarket.

  1. Before making the shopping list (very important to leave with your written paper, we all have a very good memory until we need it). Prepare your weekly menu.
  2. Use the recipes that we offer you on the blog where you will find the list of ingredients and an approximate price of what each recipe will cost you.
  3. Compare prices at home using the brochures or information that comes to you from the supermarkets in your neighborhood. Go pointing out which brand is the best price, so you will not forget.
  4. Although 2 x 1, 3 x 2 offers often appear in purchase brochures. Most of the time we do not need such a quantity of product. Even if they put a pallet at cost price, what you do with it, you will not have anywhere to put it at home. Keep a cool head and buy only what you really need.
  5. Don’t go shopping hungry, it’s what they always tell you and it’s true. Our head is very impulse and if it meets the stomach above, it is fixed. You can end up with the car full of things you don’t need.
  6. Look at the labels on the shelves, and if there is no price, ask for it. Many times the prices or offers do not correspond to what later appears on the purchase ticket.
  7. Check everything at the end of your purchase, it is a minute of your time that will save you troubles at home.
  8. Think ahead of time what you are going to need to freeze or put in the fridge and see if you have space before. It’s a shame to have to throw food away because you can’t prepare it before it expires.
  9. Buy seasonal products. Certain vegetables and fruits can cost up to a third more expensive to buy during the off-season than to do at the time.

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