Tips for using your microwave more

Tricks to use your microwave oven more .

Today I want to give you some tips and tricks so that you can use the microwave more.

An appliance that in most houses is only used to heat breakfast milk, water for tea or to reheat everyday dishes.

With these tips you will use your microwave oven more, surely some of them you already know and others will surprise you.

Tips and tricks for using your microwave

We will get the most out of various ideas that always work at home and that make my life a little easier.

How do we calculate cooking times? Which tarteras or tuppers are the most appropriate? How to get more juice with your oranges? Do you know how to freeze-dry parsley, coriander or basil to use throughout the year?

They are practical solutions that we have learned from our experience and that we now share with all of you.

And it is that cooking with a microwave at home is a quick and safe solution. It allows us to prepare food in its own juice, avoiding the loss of nutrients, thus shortening preparation times, and even energy.

At home we usually use a steam case where we prepare some potatoes (similar to potato chips) or an incredible papillote salmon.

Go ahead and you will tell me, remember that if you have any other trick, you just have to share it in the comments. Thanks in advance.

Before cooking in your microwave oven. Tips

  1. Speed ​​and cleanliness are two of the characteristics that succeed in my kitchen. In addition, the microwave is a very safe cooking method since fires are not used nor can we forget to light them. To make everything easier, get hold of the reins of your mike, get to know it well, do tests with it.
  2. Reading the manual that comes with the brand that you have bought is very important. Each microwave is a world and you must buy the type of micro you need, so we will be able to combine time and power everything comes out of a yummy.
  3. Time . It is essential to respect the cooking times, as well as the resting times of the food. Normally we will spend a quarter of the time it would take by the traditional procedure. It is better to stay short, since the food continues to cook for a while longer even if it is already outside the micro.
  4. What materials do you use to heat or cook in your microwave ? Forget the plastic saucers, don’t even think about heating the food in the recycled tupper they bring you with Chinese food … Invest in quality and everything will turn out better. And of course it will win your health.
  5. What can we cook with? Acquire steam cases (those of Lekue, is the brand that we have at home, they are very good). The glass pots are a success, free of problems of plastics harmful to health, although you will also find tuppers suitable for quality micro. Absorbent paper, transparent film, baking bags, butcher paper, but never aluminum foil serve as auxiliary materials.

Tips for cooking in your microwave

  1. If you are in a hurry when cooking , the micro is a great ally, it shortens times to prepare stir-fries, fillings or subsequent crushed. As long as you do it in small pieces. This way you will need less oil and cooking time. If possible, place the food in the center of the plate, distributing the ingredients over the entire surface of the bowl, plate, silicone case or lid.
  2. Once cooked or reheated, you should always wait a little time, rest is essential . Because even if you take them out of the micro they will continue to cook. It is essential when we make fish, because if we spend time and power, we will achieve the opposite effect to that desired. And something important, you will not burn your tongue when eating.
  3. Perfect for softening butter, melting chocolate , heating water, tempering a very cold ice cream … several examples to help you in your kitchen.

  1. Cupcakes or Mug Cake . Very simple recipes that consist of mixing the ingredients with a fork, putting them in a cup and cooking in the microwave for a very short period of time. Don’t miss this delicious chocolate mug cake .
  2. At home we usually prepare salmon with papillote with vegetables  or a turbot in sauce that takes away the hiccups. Trust our recipes, cooking times and power and you will get recipes with delicious fish . Chicken is also a star in our kitchen, soon we will be able to make a perfect recipe for you to cook at home. It is advisable to always choose pieces of the same size so that they are made at the same time.
  3. Cooking vegetables . For cooking vegetables, wide and low containers are better to favor the evaporation of the water that the vegetables bring. In this way, the vegetables maintain their natural color and flavor.
  4. Garlic . If you put the garlic for a few seconds in the microwave, then you can peel them more easily.
  5. Potatoes . If you wrap the potatoes with skin in plastic wrap they will be done quickly and will not lose an iota of their flavor.

Defrost and clean your microwave. Tips

  1. If you are going to defrost an ingredient and do not have time (I always recommend doing it at night in the fridge), the micro will help you. Use the defrost option that all microwaves bring. Always defrost at low power and for a long time. Do not fall into the mistake of setting it to maximum power to cook the frozen food directly, you will load the ingredient or product to defrost.
  2. If you want to defrost and then cook the ingredient in a row, my advice is to do it in 2 times, first we use the microwave on low power to defrost the food, turning it halfway through the process. Next we will use the microwave to cook the product as if it were fresh.
  3. Cleaning . A good trick to clean the mike is to put a bowl of lemon and water in it. It is set for 6 minutes at full power. Later it is cleaned as always, with a damp cloth and then we dry it with paper or a clean kitchen cloth.

With all these ideas, tips and tricks, I hope that your microwave is from now on your star appliance.

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