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All Saints day recipes

All Saints day recipes


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One more year the dates come when we have to make sweets and some salty recipe for All Saints .

In my family, my grandmother Lucrecia was born that day and it was a reason for celebration, with which the whole family gathered around a great stew and Magosto .

Now that she is no longer with us, it is a day to remember her with joy as in those days when she was with us.

My mother Rosa and my aunt Anita are in charge of organizing this meal and they do it in style. Since the middle of the 9th century, November 1 has been a day dedicated to honoring the memory of all Saints.

Tradition rules for religious festivals also in the kitchen with typical recipes. As the saying ” the dead in the hole and the living in the bun ” reflects . Well, we, who are alive, taste a series of dishes and sweets such as buñuelos , Santo’s bones , Panellets , chestnut sweets … all of them present in this compilation.

It is true that as before, this party is no longer celebrated. But what has become clear is that thanks to this gastronomic repertoire, we can continue the party at the table.

The sweets on these dates are as varied as the different Spanish regions. Since we are in Autumn and we have the cupboard full of seasonal products .

From almonds, pine nuts, walnuts, chestnuts, sweet potatoes, quinces   to pomegranates … with which we can prepare homemade desserts of category.

This is a part of our gastronomic culture, and one that we must maintain and above all, enjoy. Happy day of All Saints!

Our selection of recipes for All Saints’ Day

Carnival ears recipe Flakes of All Saints
Flakes are a delicious traditional recipe that has remained with us for centuries, a sweet that brings back memories of the day of all saints and Lent and Easter. They are so good that to refer to something that is unbeatable, the expression “Honey on flakes” is used
Bones of saints Huesos de Santo
It is a marzipan sweet that when shaped like a canutillo is filled with yolk candy. Its name comes from the way they are prepared, elongated and cylindrical, reminiscent of a bone with its marrow, very typical of the day of the dead.
panellets or traditional piers Panellets or Empiñonados
Panellets or “All Saints’ sweets” are traditional sweets of Spanish cuisine. They are mainly prepared during the feast of All Saints, on November 1. The panellets are made by making balls with a dough made up of sugar, raw ground almonds, eggs and lemon zest, which is then covered with pine nuts.
panellets with almonds Almond
panellets These almond panellets are also a typical sweet from the area of ​​Catalonia, Aragon and the Balearic Islands on All Saints’ Day. In each house it is done in one way, some put potatoes or sweet potatoes, others only do it with almonds. In addition, it is a very easy recipe, with which the smallest of the house can help us prepare them.
coconut and coffee panellets Coconut and coffee
panellets We leave you the formula to make coffee and coconut panellets. For those who are passionate about coconut, very similar to cocadas or coquitos and for coffee lovers, marzipan flavored with your favorite coffee. With this recipe about 40 panellets come out, depending on how fat you make them. Do not go over, they are forceful and it is better to take them in small bites.
Wind Fritters Recipe Wind
fritters These fritters are small balls of dough about 5 cm in diameter. Those that you will find in pastry shops are usually an almost perfect sphere, since they are prepared with a pastry bag. As these have been made by hand using two spoons, the result is more irregular but just as good.
chocolate bunhuelos Chocolate fritters
A variation of the classic fritter recipe, these are chocolate filled chocolate fritters, which will give us a different touch to the great and classic wind fritters. A double chocolate proposal for the chocolatiers to put on their boots.
Carnival Crepes Recipe Pumpkin
fritters Chulas or pumpkin fritters are very common in Samhain. In other words, All Saints’ Day, Halloween for Anglo-Saxon countries. The custom was to leave food and sweets outside the houses. Light candles to help the souls of the dead find their way to the light.
apple bunhuelos Apple
fritters Perfect fritters to take advantage of this seasonal fruit, apples. These add the smoothness and juiciness of the apple to the already wonderful dough of the fritters. In a short time we will have this dessert ready, perfect for All Saints’ Day.
Chestnut Pie Recipe Chestnut
tart A biscuit tart whose protagonist is the flavor of this exquisite Autumn fruit, the chestnut. In my family, on All Saints’ Day, I join the family, a good Galician stew , this cake and of course the roasted chestnuts.
dead bread Pan de Muerto
In Mexico, the Day of the Dead is special. It has unique elements such as color, wisdom, cuisine, food and, of course, pan de muerto. It is traditionally prepared in Mexico for the celebration of the Day of the Dead, during the first days of November.
Pestiños recipe Pestiños
In Lent, Carnival and on All Saints’ Day, the streets of Andalusia smell of matalauva and orange blossom. That fried dough that everyone collaborates on. Normally the town gathers around a basin where the dough is prepared. Forming a chain of people to then fry and finish them.

Basically this is the most important thing you can find on the blog. Gastronomically speaking, to celebrate All Saints’ Day with yours. Although surely you, in each house, live it in a special and particular way.

Be sure to enjoy all the yummy sweets in our dessert recipes . 

I assure you that you will find a lot of ideas, this compilation is just an example. What do you prepare on this special day? Any recipe that should be in this compilation yes or yes?

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