The hidden sugar in food

WATCH OUT. Although you don’t see it, the sugar IS THERE

Sugar free sometimes means less sugar than if it had sugar.

The WHO recommends that the adequate consumption of sugar is 25 grams per day, which would mean reducing current consumption by a quarter .

The problem is not in the sugar that we consciously consume in products that we know contains it, but in the quantity of foods that contain sugar without our having any idea.

Abusing this substance in addition to creating dependency, produces cavities, diabetes, cardiovascular problems or being overweight.

We consume 80% of the sugar without realizing it

It is worth that sometimes we want to have a soft drink or some industrial pastries in a timely manner and sporadically, but did you know that there are a lot of supposedly “healthy” foods that contain sugar?

Here are some examples.


Ketchup, rose sauce, mayonnaise, and even mustard or the special sauce for caesar salad contain about 7 grams of sugar. In case you want to stop consuming sugar for free , I leave you a very easy recipe for homemade pink sauce.

Low fat yogurt

That a yogurt contains 0% fat does not imply that it is sugar free. To maintain its flavor and texture, these sugar products are endowed with 20 grams.

Canned tomato or fried tomato

Making a good tomato sauce is quick and very easy. Sometimes you want to lighten time and add a pot sauce, but with this little gesture you eat almost 13 grams of sugar per 150 ml.

Flavored water

If you have trouble drinking water, don’t think that drinking flavored water is sin-free . Such a bottle of water has 15 grams of sugar (four teaspoons of coffee).


Who would have thought that this innocent food could contain sugar? Yes, a slice of sliced ​​bread has approximately 3 grams of sugar that are added, mostly, to obtain a better flavor. If this surprises you, I encourage you to try making your own bread at home free of unnecessary sugars.

To find out which foods have sugar …

I recommend that you read the label. Nor is it a matter of carrying a magnifying glass, but if you have doubts, it will be best to check it for yourself. On the label you will find both the nutritional value and the sweeteners and the amount of sugars.

Some of them could be fructose, sucrose, maltose, dextrose, fruit juice concentrates, glucose, cane honey, honey or corn syrup.

The platform or the Instagram account @dealerdesucre offer us in a very graphic and fun way the amount of sugar cubes that contain many of the foods we usually consume.

Both platforms are supported by nutritionists and dietitians who seek to alleviate the abuse of sugar consumption without justification.

After all this information, do you still think that nobody is bitter about a sweet?

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