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Stuffed loin books

Stuffed loin books


  • Easy
  • 40 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • € 2 / person

Today I propose a quick dinner that both children and parents will like, loin books with baked potatoes. 

The loin books are a classic at home, I suppose we all have a recipe that brings back childhood memories because it was the one that our mother made us with all her love. It happens to me with the classic fillets stuffed with cooked ham and cheese.

The day my mother made them for us, it became a special meal, and they almost always ended up in the tupper for the Sunday getaway to town or to the beach, delicious even if they were cold.

This recipe is very similar to Asturian cachopos , but in this case instead of veal, we use loin. It is much cheaper and the flavor is a little softer, they are perfect for the little ones, because rare is the child who does not like them.

The filling is to the taste of the consumer, today I have put york ham and cheese for being the most common ingredients. But on some occasions I have prepared braised turkey breast, piquillo peppers, Arzúa cheese or with a few slices of Serrano ham and the truth is that the final result is impressive. And for those who are lactose intolerant, switch to lactose-free cheeses that you can find on the market and that’s it.

I leave you with a quick and very tasty recipe, for all audiences and to prepare on any occasion, an ideal dish for both adults and children, although the latter will enjoy this recipe like no other.

Preparation of the booklets stuffed with baked potatoes

  1. We prepare the loin books. If we have a trusted butcher we can ask him to make a cut in the center without actually separating the two halves, so it will be easier for us to fill our booklets with loin. If not at home, with a good knife, open the booklets, place a slice of cheese and another of ham inside. At the end that is open we put a toothpick so that they do not open when battered and fry.
  2. We lightly salt the booklets and pass them by egg and then by breadcrumbs. To get more crispy books we can use crispy breadcrumbs sold in any supermarket or large area. We check that the entire surface is well covered, the complete batter prevents the cheese from being released from the interior.
  3. For frying we are interested in oils with a high smoke point that oxidize (burn) less. This depends on the quality of the oil that we use, I recommend an extra soft virgin olive oil, for example an arbequina. These oils will allow us to fry at high temperature resulting in a crispy breading after a short process, so the interior will be juicier.
  4. When we have all the booklets prepared, heat plenty of oil in a frying pan and fry them at medium-high temperature. It is important that the oil is not very hot when frying, so we avoid that they are very toasted on the outside and raw on the inside. We cook them for 2 to 3 minutes on each side, we want to get a crispy batter of golden color, the meat in its point and the filling with the melted cheese on the ham.
  5. We remove and reserve on absorbent paper to release excess oil.
  6. We prepare the potatoes. We wash the potatoes, but do not peel them. We cut them into thick segments, like those of an orange.
  7. We preheat the oven to 170 C. In a deep container we put half a glass of extra virgin olive oil, salt and the spices that I indicate (you can use the ones that you like the most). Mix the ingredients well and dip the potatoes in this mixture.
  8. We put the potatoes in a baking dish and put them at 200 ° C, with heat up and down for 25 minutes or until they are ready, toasted but not burned. We serve everything together right away and freshly made.

You can accompany it with whatever you like, such as salad or fried potatoes. I propose something different that you are sure to love, baked potatoes my way . We are going to bathe the potatoes with olive oil and add some spices that I have already combined on occasion and the taste is spectacular.

I have used the ones that I indicate in the ingredients, but you can change them and use the ones that you like the most. Thyme or rosemary are also a good combination. The cut of the potato is not especially important. I have given you that typical cut of Vips potatoes, but you can cut them as you like. The important thing is not to remove the skin, to guarantee the final texture.

This recipe is delicious hot, fresh from the pan. But if you have any left over, I like them so much that I also like them cold. Your kids will like it because the combination of flavors is very rich.

You can see all the photos of the step by step in the next album.  

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