Top 10 recipes with milk

The best milk recipes on the blog. 

I am of the generation that has seen how the grandmothers milked the cows. And how my aunt Amelia used it to prepare those desserts with milk , a delicious rice pudding and a  fried milk that no one I know has yet surpassed.

At home we always try to have quality products, if possible seasonal, natural, flavored, authentic and if possible with a story to tell.

You know it, because little by little, in these 8 years you are getting to know me better, my maxim is that the simple triumphs . It is a philosophy I would say very far north, where my family’s recipe book is very present.

The video tries to make you see in 3 minutes what Galicia is for me and what I usually recommend when a friend goes to visit the land where he was born, as the Market is still a benchmark for buying quality products, our landscapes full of nature, that Streetfood that the feirantes already invented with their ” Carne o Caldeiro ” and their octopus “Á Feira” , those clean and wild beaches that surprise, the naturalness and friendliness of our people …

He who goes to Galicia repeats and is the best ambassador to tell others about his experience, word of mouth is always the best marketing tool.

Top 10 desserts with milk

fried milk Fried milk

Leite fritida a galega, to prepare this traditional and homemade sweet we do not need special ingredients, we just need to walk around the house, that is why it is one of the most successful simple desserts in Spanish pastries. Just like my grandmother and mother did. Creamy recipe with a unique flavor. Step by step to make it perfect for you.

Milk French toast recipe Milk French toast

This original, and at the same time traditional, recipe for the most typical sweet at Easter is a dessert that is based on a slice of bread soaked in milk, coated in egg, fried in extra virgin olive oil and flavored to taste with syrup or, in this case, sugar and cinnamon

Pancakes with cream recipe Galician pancakes filled with pastry cream

A dessert that succeeds, the famous milk pancakes that you can find in all the pastry shops or restaurants in Ourense but filled with pastry cream and with a caramelized later with a blowtorch (they are much richer with this touch similar to Catalan cream).

pancakes with pancakes Galician pancake tart

Pancake cake with tangerine cream and chocolate. On Galician tables these days, there are a series of sweets that are not lacking on the tables of all houses. It is a very simple recipe that only enriches this traditional carnival dessert. It is about preparing a cream with whipped cream and tangerine, with which we will fill the different layers of the pancake tart.

Chulas or fried milk recipe Milk chulas

The recipe is very simple, mix and go. It is best to prepare the cream and leave it in the fridge, so you can prepare freshly fried for breakfast, a good alternative to the famous American pancakes or pankakes. My grandmother called this dessert fried (very similar to pancakes but thicker), and she kept that name.

Cinnamon Milk Cake Recipe Milk cake

A cake that tastes like fried milk can you imagine? Yes, it tastes “almost” like fried milk. Milk, eggs, flour and sugar are the base of most of the desserts that we have on the blog. These 4 ingredients used in different proportions give us infinite possibilities, playing with one or the other we have the same fried milk as pancakes, crepes, the base of many biscuits, a good pudding or a flan …

Custard recipe with biscuit Custard

What a great discovery when I first made some authentic egg custard, that fine flavor, with a touch of cornmeal just to thicken a little bit. I have not bought any more of this type for home, and what I recommend is that you do the same, because when you try this recipe there is no going back. Homemade custard, thin or thick, are the basis for thousands of dessert recipes that will make your friends indulge in pleasure.

rice pudding Rice pudding

Recipe for a creamy rice pudding in which the grain was somewhat loose in a cream flavored with cinnamon and lemon and that the next day was even better. This is a memory that I keep from when I was not even ten years old and that came back to me a few weeks ago when I dared to prepare it at home and eat it spoon by spoon, savoring this rice pudding as it deserves.

Egg custard Egg custard

This is one of the dessert recipes made with egg that delights children and adults. A classic in every house and it has become one of the most famous desserts in Spain. Although many times what we eat is not a flan, but a project of it. In today’s recipe I will explain how to do it right, step by step, with photos and even video so that you have the almost perfect egg custard recipe.

Pancake or pancake recipe Galician pancakes

When we talk about pancakes and pancakes most say they are different but the truth is that they are very similar. The pancakes, freixó, afilloa, filloga or fisuelo (the name varies depending on the region), are one of the most famous products of Galician gastronomy and are typical of the time of the slaughter and the entroido or carnival.

Cheese flan Cheese flan

There are many favorite desserts at home, but this one in particular wins by a landslide, they told me on Twitter “that he was looking for the flan of his memory, that it is very difficult to find exactly what you remember, sometimes it is more sentimental, due to the situation, How tasty ”, sometimes you find a recipe that is not the same but almost hits the target, I don’t know if this cheese flan will be the one he remembers but it will surely come very close.

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