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Sea bass with garlic

Sea bass with garlic


  • Easy
  • 30 minutes
  • For 2 persons
  • 6.3 € / person
  • 254kcal per 100g.

How to make corvina al ajillo

Corvina is a white fish that is delicious. Its appearance is similar to that of sea ​​bass and it is also classified among white fish.

Being the corvina a fish with little fat contribution and with a very juicy texture.

Today’s recipe is very simple, a simple white fish with garlic, a corvina with a lot of flavor with little effort. To prepare this delicious corvina al ajillo you need very few ingredients and you are going to prepare it in a plis plas.

Its preparation is similar to the seabass to the donostiarra , a classic of Basque cuisine and that admits many variations, since it can be prepared with other fish, with this corvina it is delicious.

We have bought an aquaculture raised sea bass that assures us a good quality / price, making it a great option to eat fish at home.

In addition to all these advantages, corvina is very easy to cook and in just a few minutes we can bring healthy and nutritious dishes to the table. So easy with corvina in the oven or in sauce , a simple ceviche or grilled, you decide.

Preparation of corvina with garlic

  1. Ask your trusted fishmonger to make the fillets so that at home we only have to cut them into blocks.
  2. We wash and dry the sea bass fillets. We cut them into tacos and pass them through flour.
  3. In a pan with hot oil we seal them on all sides, without allowing it to dry.
  4. We cook over medium-low heat without being confused, as corvina can burn in nothing. When the pieces are toasted to taste, remove to a plate and remove.
  5. In some parts of Spain, a little vinegar is usually added, although in my case I like to add the citrus touch at the end with a little lemon (but at home).
  6. Peel and cut the garlic and pour it in the same oil.
  7. Add a glass of the white wine before it is browned, just enough to make it taste.
  8. We stir very well to mix the flavors and integrate the excess flour from the oil.
  9. We put the fish back in the pan, stir and leave two or three minutes, turning the pieces.
  10. We remove on absorbent paper and serve as hot as possible.

We serve with a fresh tomato salad with vinaigrette and you will have a complete meal that is rich and healthy. They also have great fries or potatoes in a bakery , always to your liking.

You can see all the photos of the step by step recipe of corvina al ajillo in this album.

Tips for a corvina with squash garlic

  • Of course the quality of corvina is decisive for the flavor of a recipe like this one in which there are not so many ingredients.
  • Eye with the thorns; the corvina has enough, but luckily they are easy to locate and remove with the help of a tweezer, especially before cutting the fillets into blocks.
  • Garlic is also the protagonist of the recipe, in addition to adding flavor to this recipe, it is a food with healthy qualities.
  • If you do not use it because it repeats a lot, know that to avoid it, it is enough to open the garlic clove with a cut and extract the germ from its interior without major difficulty.
  • When you go to buy them, choose well-dried garlic externally, with firm, compact heads and without green sprouts. Once at home, keep them in cool, dry and ventilated places.

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