Romantic dinner. Special Valentine’s recipes

We are in what they say is the most romantic day on the calendar … Many do not celebrate it, others do it throughout the year.

They call it  Valentine’s Day  and, for once, I’m not going to say that it seems to me to be a merely commercial celebration, thought only to consume, or that it’s a bit cheesy party, or even that love is shown every day and not only on a specific date.

This year I have thought of a selection of perfect dishes to seduce the most demanding palate and ensure that on Valentine’s Day or any other special day you leave the pavilion high and a good taste in your mouth.

I assure you that they are delicious, they enter through the eyes and, what is better, they directly make your partner unarmed before such a culinary display.

For all those who dare to say “I love you” having a special dinner, I leave you with these original proposals to celebrate a super dinner this February 14 with your partners.

The best time of day around a table … the table is up to you (you don’t need to tell me).


To warm up engines I recommend some very simple starters that you can have prepared in advance. The subject of wine or beer I leave to your choice, a little alcohol will make everything go smoothly and open the palate to a dinner that you will not forget.

Smoked salmon toast recipe Toasts with smoked salmon
A classic for a special dinner. Quick recipe to prepare and very simple, even the most useless in this world will be delicious. A toast with a great combination of flavors and textures. The crunchy bread and lettuce, with a juicy and neutral touch of the egg that does not detract from the role of salmon, which is great  with dill, mustard and honey sauce .
Ceviche recipe Nikkei corvina and octopus cebiche
Do you find it a complicated dish? Well, you can’t be more wrong. This fusion recipe between Japanese cuisine and Peru, will give an exotic touch to your dinner and fill your dishes with oriental and Peruvian flavors. This ceviche has some seafood that has zinc, a mineral that stimulates the production of testosterone, related to a greater sexual drive, I do not tell you more … Surprise your partner with something different and break the routine.
Guacamole recipe Mexican guacamole
This dish is prepared in a plis-plas and is very simple, fantastic as a starter to something more forceful. I hope you get your hands on the avocado and don’t forget to add some chili, they say the spicy is an aphrodisiac. A recipe that will succeed for sure. Go Mexico!

Main courses

I do not want to leave you hungry but I certainly have not thought from a male point of view, nothing to eat a ribeye or a lamb with which then you can not even move. I present you some strong and simple dishes but they fill the gap just to go to dessert without letting you burst. Two Italian recipes and one with a French touch to give elegance to dinner, it will even give you conversation because the stories of these dishes are fun and very interesting.

Risotto recipe with parmesan and lemon Risotto alla Parmigiana
This basic risotto with parmigiano and a citric point of lemon will surprise you. Risotto is one of the most popular dishes in northern Italy, one of the pillars of its gastronomy.
Spaghetti dell'Ubriacone recipe Spaghetti dell’Ubriacone
If your partner has avoided wine, here I leave you with a dish called “spaghetti drunk”, a variation of the famous spaghetti Aglio e Olio (Garlic and Oil). These drunken red wine spaghetti is a very, very cool dish, perfect for a date like this.
Stuffed Crepes Recipe Pancakes stuffed with chicken and foie
Could not miss some meat, I present you some galettes with a salty filling of chicken and a gratin with bechamel that will delight anyone. You can fill them with meat, chicken with foie in this case, but they can also be made with fish or seafood. Imagination to power and I hope you like it.


And to finish the job, you can not miss a dessert that leaves a good taste in your mouth . If after this surprise dinner your partner is not thinking of eating you with kisses, with these delicatessen I am sure that you will succeed.

Strawberry clafoutis recipe Strawberry Clafoutis
Finishing with a strawberry dessert makes sense, it certainly doesn’t have chocolate but they say that this dessert goes very well with a good cava or champagne. I recommend this cross between a pancake, the pastry cream and the touch of fruit. I assure you that the result is very good, an authentic and traditional but delicate dessert. Its appearance is wonderful and in cocotte even more, I can only recommend that you prepare this recipe.
Chocolate coulant recipe Coulant or death by chocolate
Hot chocolate bomb, Chocolate storm, Passion for chocolate, Chocolat seduction, Chocolate paradise … all these names for this dessert that is reduced to a hot cake with a crispy structure on the outside and creamy chocolate on the inside , that does not leave you indifferent. And it is that on Valentine’s Day you can not miss chocolate , it contains serotonin, a chemical that the body produces when it feels loving, happy or passionate.
Easy tiramisu recipe Tiramisu in my own way
Originally, tiramisu did not have a Marcapone, that is, without cheese. Surprised? It was a restorative dessert for customers of brothels in World War II, a sweet cream that they offered to give more strength and raise libido … hehe. Funny story, right? This already says it all, chocolate, cheese and coffee …

I think you have enough ideas, a few more that add to all those that circulate online today. Be encouraged to prepare a detail for that person you love, today and always.

The most important thing we have is that loved one, our partner who is there every day to make our lives a little happier.

By the way, I think I hadn’t said it yet  . Happy Valentine! Will you do mischief?

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