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Rolled potatoes, stir or removed

Rolled potatoes, stir or removed


  • Easy
  • 35 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • 0.5 € / person
  • 302kcal per 100g.

How to prepare potato revolconas .

Rolling potatoes have a prominent place in the potato recipe family .

Like most traditional or “usual” recipes, it is a dish with simple ingredients, basically it is mashed potato with a fork and seasoned with garlic and paprika.

Although originally it was part of the daily gastronomic repertoire of peasants and humble people, nowadays it is common to serve it as tapas in bars and restaurants, mainly in the communities of Salamanca, Ávila and Extremadura , where they are most typical.

In Ávila I tried them for the first time a lot of years ago and they have become one of my favorite tapas. If I find a bar or restaurant that has them in Madrid or surroundings, I don’t hesitate to ask to see if they are up to the standards I ate that time.

These revolconas potatoes, meneás, roasted, stirred or stirred owe their name to the preparation process. The potatoes are stirred with the virgin olive oil and the remaining fat to make the torreznos and put everything together with the paprika so that they acquire all their flavor.

The original recipe is with fried torreznos , which is how I like it best, but to make them at home I usually accompany them with bacon, bacon or pork rinds.

I hope that if you do not know this dish you will be encouraged by this simple recipe, it will become a classic at home.

Preparation of potatoes

  1. First we make the potatoes, in this case we have cooked them without skin but you can also make them with skin and peel them later.
  2. It all depends on how quickly you are in the kitchen. By cooking them with skin we get them to keep all their starch.
  3. We select potatoes of the same size since they will take the same time to cook.
  4. We wash them very well under the tap. We put them in a wide saucepan and fill approximately with a finger of cold water.
  5. Add a little salt, the bay leaf and a dash of white wine vinegar.
  6. When the water begins to boil we lower the heat and let them cook over medium heat.
  7. The cooking time will depend on the size of the potatoes, but between 20 and 40 minutes will be. 
  8. We check that they are cooked by pricking with a fork that should enter the potato gently.
  9. We remove them and drain, and remove the skin before they cool down because it is easier, also removing eyes or green spots.
  10. If you are in a hurry, we directly peel the potatoes. We cut them into large pieces and cook them with water, salt and the bay leaf for about 25 minutes, until we see that they are very soft. Drain and reserve.

Preparation of the potato revolconas

  1. While the potatoes are cooking we prepare the dressing.
  2. We cut the bacon into pieces not too small and put them to fry in a pan with the 4 tablespoons of oil.
  3. We cook the bacon until we see that it is well browned but without burning. We withdraw and reserve.
  4. In the same pan, and with the excess oil, fry the garlic cut into slices.
  5. When they are golden brown, remove the pan from the heat and add the paprika. We stir with a wooden spoon to integrate.
  6. We put the potatoes in a bowl and add the oil and garlic from the pan.
  7. With the help of a fork, remove and mash the potatoes until they are well impregnated with the sauce and without bits.
  8. And finally we serve them accompanied by the fried marinated bacon and its sauce on top.

Directly to the table and to eat. You will succeed!

If you do not want to lose detail of this recipe for revolconas potatoes , be sure to see this album step by step.

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  • Soraya Sacristán Seara Machos Potatoes from Hoyos del Espino (Ávila)… .hum good
  • MARieTA Potatoes you stir in Rodrigo city.
  • Pilar Ortega Civíco In Cebreros (Ávila) revolconas potatoes, delicacy of the gods!
  • Ángeles Silván Domínguez To eat them really good, in La Alberca. Uhmmmmm
  • Guadalupe Torres Ortuño are typical of the Sierra de Francia.
  • Roberto Fernández I ate the best revolconas potatoes in Barco de Ávila.
  • Natalia González Carretero Typical dish from Ávila, with its choricito, its torreznitos, its tenderloin and a good red to accompany …… whim of the gods.
  • Angeles Rodriguez Garcia In San Esteban del Valle (Ávila) Deadly revolts of necessity … how rich.
  • Pepa Baenas Chico In my town they are called a bunch of potatoes and they make you lose your sense.
  • Gladys Beatriz Millone And … if you add, 2 or 3 eggs that you also stir everything together … I will not tell you! Try it! …
  • Tere Sanchez García This recipe is very typical of Barco de Ávila, and they are delicious, if you also try them with apples, you will like them.
  • Cuca Patiño Muguiro They are also called blacksmith’s, and yes the torreznos are pieces of bacon.

Potatoes in the style of Navas del Marques (Ávila)

Ana Carlota Baz tells me that she does the revolconas similar but not the same, she gives us the recipe of a friend who spends all vacations in a town in Ávila. They are delicious.

Ingredients: Oil / Split marinated bacon / Onion / Garlic / Potatoes / Sweet and spicy paprika (if it is from Vera best) / Salt.

  1. Add the oil and cook the bacon until they are like torreznos. They are removed and reserved.
  2. In the same oil to fry, put the chopped onion and garlic.
  3. They are poached, and the broken potatoes are added with the two kinds of paprika. They are given a few small turns (one or two).
  4. Add water to cover them and leave to cook until little by little they dissolve.
  5. When they are pureed, salt is added. To serve them they are put in a pot, if possible made of clay. The torreznos are thrown over him. I do not put amounts, it depends on the diners and the taste.

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