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Rice with quail eggs

Rice with quail eggs


  • Easy
  • 30 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • € 1.5 / person
  • 204kcal per 100g.

A perfect appetizer or starter for any meal or dinner with friends that will surprise. In the style of another appetizer that is so successful at home, the broken quail egg toasts .

I will explain it step by step so that this white rice turns out perfect and that it is the base of our dish. Then we will cover with fried peppers and grilled quail eggs and finally we will crown with crispy ham. I hope you like it!

Cooking rice

  1. We add two tablespoons of oil for each cup of rice that you are going to use.
  2. Oil is the ingredient that will help the rice not stick.
  3. Heat the casserole and add the oil, as soon as we see that it is hot, add the rice and stir for about a minute at medium temperature to toast the rice.
  4. We pour 2 and a half cups of water for every cup of rice. Leave on high heat for 4 minutes until it gets very hot and starts to bubble.
  5. Add salt and then lower over medium heat about 7-8 minutes with the casserole lid on.
  6. When we see that there is almost no water and small holes begin to appear between the rice grains, we lower the temperature to a minimum or simply turn off the heat.
  7. Let it sit with the lid on or with a cotton cloth for about 4-5 minutes.
  8. While it rests, the rice will absorb the rest of the water and you should be in its place and the grains separated.
  9. We can try the rice at rest to see how it is staying, I like that it is a little hard.

Preparation of peppers and ham

  1. We wash the peppers very well and cut with a good knife into small squares.
  2. Fry in our frying pan for 10 minutes over medium heat. We don’t want them to burn us, we just want them to be tender.
  3. Remove from the heat with the spatula and reserve.
  4. Cut the ham into small pieces and in the same pan, toast over high heat until the ham loses moisture and is crisp. We withdraw and reserve.

Quail eggs and final presentation

  1. With the fat that has released the ham in the same pan we will fry the quail eggs.
  2. As they are small, you will not have problems making two or three at the same time, they also fry very quickly.
  3. Remember that to break the shell you do not have to hit it against an edge as we do with chicken eggs.
  4. The most practical thing is to make a hole with a knife or even using scissors and carefully remove part of the shell so that the content comes out without breaking the yolk. With a little practice it becomes easier and easier.
  5. In each casserole we put a base of white rice. In quantity but without reaching the edge of the casserole.
  6. On top we place a layer of peppers with part of their juice, on them the two quail eggs and top with the crispy ham.

I assure you that it is a first class appetizer. I encourage you to visit more recipes for tapas, snacks and pinchos perfect for an unforgettable evening with yours.

Be sure to see all the photos of the step by step of this recipe for rice with quail eggs .

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