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Peach Tatin Cake

Peach Tatin Cake


  • Half
  • 90 minutes
  • For 8 people
  • 0.8 € / person
  • 315kcal per 100g.

How to make a peach tatin tart. Today I bring you a caramelized fruit tart , specifically peach, it is a peach tatin tart .

The tarte tatin is a classic in French dessert recipes . Although originally the fruit used is apples, we can perfectly prepare it with others such as pears or peaches.

If we talk about its origin, it seems that it dates back to the end of the s. XIX or early s. XX, in the heart of the Belle Époque, in the Orleans area. The Tatín sisters ran a hotel well-attended by politicians and other influential people in the city. It was Stephanie the one who, when trying to prepare an apple pie , and in an oversight, overcooked the fruit, caramelizing the apples, so she decided to hide the disaster by covering them with dough and from there in the oven.

The result was an absolutely amazing tart, a mix of caramel and fruit, with a base of homemade impression shortcrust pastry. Despite the fact that it is a visually less favored tart, the flavor is superior, and the result of category, the famous Tatin apple tart.

Although it is a fairly simple cake, in reality you have to take into account a series of details to make it perfect. There are own molds to make this cake, round containers that are worth both cooking on the fire and to put it in the oven. If it happens to you like me, and you do not have this type of molds, you will have to transfer the fruit from the pan where it is caramelized, to the final mold where it is baked, so it is important that we do not cook the fruit excessively as it could get rid of in the path.

Although we can always use a commercially prepared shortcrust pastry , if we really want a perfect result with an unbeatable flavor, I encourage you to prepare the dough at home, it is very simple, it will not give you any work, and the result is substantially different.

We also have to take into account that, during the process, the fruit will shrink, a little depending on the amount of water it contains, so it is important that we fill all the holes so that we have a well-curdled cake. I encourage you to prepare this wonder cake, I promise you will repeat.

Preparation of the Tatín peach cake

  1. We start by preparing the shortcrust pastry . We can always buy it but in addition to that the difference in flavor is immense. The time it takes us to prepare it in a minimum, in 5 minutes we will have the dough ready to rest in the fridge.
  2. In a bowl cut the cold butter into cubes. Incorporate the flour, the pinch of salt and sugar and, with a fork, mix the ingredients well, integrating the butter until it forms a sand. If possible, we should avoid working with our hands since we would apply heat to the butter and it would melt.
  3. We add the water and the lemon juice and with our hands, now yes, we compact, mix and compact the dough until it forms a ball. We wrap the ball in transparent paper and keep it in the fridge for 1 hour to make it hard.
  4. While the dough is in the fridge we prepare the filling. We wash the peaches well and cut them into halves. We can remove the skin or leave it with it until the moment we unmold the cake that will be completely loose and very easy to remove. We reserve.
  5. In a wide frying pan we put the sugar and the water. We make a caramel over medium heat, until it begins to brown. At that time add the butter and continue heating until it has dissolved. At that time we add the peaches resting on their outer part, skin down. Cook for 15 minutes until soft. We turn the peaches, leave 5 more minutes and remove from the heat.

Final preparation and presentation of the tatin cake

  1. We have to be careful not to overcook with the fruit. Depending on how soft it is, the amount of water that the process takes will be more or less long. If it were overcooked, the passage to the final mold could cause them to break. It is a question of caramelizing the peaches without they are overdone.
  2. We remove the dough from the fridge and roll it out on a floured work surface. We need a surface such that it protrudes about 5 cm. the perimeter of our mold.
  3. Grease the walls of the mold and place the peaches with the outer side down. In such a way that once the cake is baked, this outer part will be the one that is visible. We pour the caramel that has been generated and cover with the shortcrust pastry. We introduce the excess dough into the mold so that it is between the fruit and the walls of the mold. It is essential that the mold is not removable, since the caramel would escape through the joints.
  4. Bake, with the oven previously hot at 200ºC, for 20 minutes. After this time we remove the cake and let it rest on a grid 15 minutes before turning it over. We should not allow it to cool much longer before unmolding it. Since the caramel could solidify and the paid fruit would remain at the base of the mold.

We serve the tart warm and accompanied with a vanilla ice cream, perfect and upscale dessert. Be sure to enjoy all the yummy sweets in our dessert recipes . 

I assure you that you will find a lot of ideas to make yours much happier. You can see all the photos of the step by step in the next album .

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