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Mustard chicken

Mustard chicken


  • Very easy
  • 40 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • 1.7 € / person

Today’s recipe is very easy, ideal to prepare on a special occasion without complicating our lives. It’s about cooking a few simple chicken breasts with a very special sauce, a mustard sauce .

There are many recipes for this type of sauce, but the common denominator that will make it a success or failure is to use a quality mustard that suits our tastes. There are many types of mustard , but almost all of them come from 3 varieties: black, brown and white. . The most cultivated variety in the world is brown mustard, which in turn is divided into two subtypes, Oriental or yellow, the most widely used in Japan and India or brown, typical of Indian cuisine. American and English mustards are prepared with white mustard. The famous Dijón mustard, of French origin, is prepared with brown mustard seeds. As you can see there are endless options that offer us a wide range when choosing. Currently it is one of the most valued spices worldwide for its gastronomic application as a condiment, although for this recipe I recommend that you use a soft mustard, the old mustard is perfect even if it has enough flavor. In my opinion, Dijon mustard is too strong for this recipe, although for tastes, colors.

But this recipe has one more ingredient that I think gives it added value: honey , a treasure of nature as a source of benefits for the body. The potential of honey is so great that it can be used both internally and externally. Due to its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, it helps to heal and prevent infections in wounds or superficial burns. As food it provides us with multiple vitamins and antioxidants. With two ingredients like mustard and honey , I dare say that it is almost impossible for a dish not to come off yummy.

Preparation of the chicken with mustard

  1. We clean the breasts of any traces of fat they may have and cut them in half lengthwise. We reserve.
  2. Peel and cut the onion into not very small pieces. We heat a large frying pan with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and add the onion. We poach it until it is almost transparent. While we mix the mustard and honey in a bowl. When the onion is ready we add the mustard mixture. We remove to integrate.
  3. Add the chicken broth , stir well and remove from the heat. While the oven is preheated to 180º C, place the breasts in a baking dish, pour the sauce on top and add the sprig of rosemary. Bake at 180º C for 40 minutes on the central tray with heat up and down.
  4. For this dish do not forget to make a good accompaniment, some baked potatoes, fried or cooked with a little caramelized onion. They allow you to complete the dish with different consistencies to alternate the strength of the chicken bite and the intensity of the sauce flavor. Great this sauce, by the way, you can not miss a good piece of bread to dip. Another recommendation is a fresh tomato salad with a little extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil or to your liking.

You will see how you succeed with this appetizing recipe. Enter by sight but the chicken with mustard and honey does not disappoint on the palate. The meat is very juicy and it is all gently impregnated with the peculiar flavor of mustard and the sweet tone of honey, the perfect mixture.

In short, if you have no idea of ​​cuisine and want to start in this world with success, this dish is very easy and quick to prepare, you just have to be a little thoughtful and start long enough so that the bull does not catch us at time to put the chicken in the oven. Warm with a good wine, your guests will freak out. Yummy.


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