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Mussels with a trap

Mussels with a trap


  • Easy
  • 20 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • 1.2 € / person

With the arrival of good weather and warmth, fresh and simple recipes are appealing, so that we do not have to bear the heat of the stove or oven. This preparation is a perfect option for an aperitif or first course, accompanying the mussels in a typical Mallorcan dish: the “trampó”.  The term “trempar” means to mix, stir, combine and season, and this is precisely the way we are going to prepare it. Some of you may think that this recipe has a certain similarity to the mussels in vinaigrette , but it is not exactly the same. The authentic “trampó” is prepared with basic ingredients of the Mediterranean diet: pepper, tomato and onion . There are many different variations of it, adding green apple, capers, tuna, olives, or even cooked potatoes, but this would be more appropriate for a summer salad .

To accompany our mussels, the traditional combination will suffice. The mixture of ingredients must be provided: lots of tomato, little pepper and a little onion. The flavor and texture of the tomato must predominate, so I recommend that you buy it of good quality to improve the final result. Similarly, we must use good quality mussels , and in this case I always recommend “Mexillón” from Galicia , a safe value at any time. It is considered the best in the world due to the nutrients in the Galician estuaries water . Do not fail to consume because it is a cheap and full seafood possibilities, and also have many ways to prepare:  tigers or broiled mussels pie mussels pasta with mussels and mushrooms , soupy noodles with clams and mussels , cod with creamed mussels … And many more recipes that I will present to you throughout this year.

With our basic ingredients already at hand, we won’t need more than a little extra virgin olive oil and salt to complete this appetizing dish. In about 20 minutes you will have these mussels ready with a trap  to taste them on a sunny day, paired with a good white wine or a cold beer. Let’s see who resists this proposal …

Preparation of the mussels

  1. The first thing will be to select them, eliminating those that come broken or damaged. We wash them thoroughly under the tap water, removing the chins, algae remains and any dirt they bring.
  2. In a large pot pour a sheet of water, add the mussels and put on high heat for 3-4 minutes. At this time they will have been fully opened and ready.
  3. We remove them from the fire and reserve to cool and we can handle them. After a few minutes we are removing them from the casserole and placing them in a source without the upper shell. We reserve.

Trap Preparation

  1. We wash and peel the tomatoes. We cut in half and with the help of a coffee spoon we remove the seeds. The remaining meat is finely chopped into julienne strips, in small cubes.
  2. Peel the onion and chop it into pieces of the same size. In the same way, we cut the julienne pepper of the same size.
  3. In a large bowl add all the chopped and mix well. Add salt to taste and finally drizzle with a good splash of extra virgin olive oil (3 tablespoons). We want it to be impregnated with oil but without overdoing it.
  4. With the mussels already cold we will add a tablespoon of trampó on each one of them.

And in this simple way we would already have a magnificent appetizer or first course ready for the days when you feel like something cool, and without cooking too much.

On Facebook, friend Juan Ito has helped me a lot with his explanatory email about the term “trempó”. Thank you very much for your clarifications and of course I complete the recipe with your email.

Well, the interpretation that you make of associating it with the verb “trempar” has been strange to me and I have consulted it with the “Diccionari de la Llengua Catalana” (Dictionary of the Catalan language) published by the “Institut d’Estudis Catalans” (Institute of Catalan Studies) which is to Catalan what the “Royal Academy of Language” to Castilian. You will see traditionally and extrapolating the expression, “trempar” is the “castiza” form that the most common Catalans use to call an erection.

It has other interpretations related to the steel industry, but not with the interpretation that you have published. Likewise, the “trempó” is exactly that, a pepper, tomato and onion salad to which any variable is added. In other words, it is what that dish is called, but it is not derived from anything more and less from “trempar”. I hope this one helps you.

“Trempar” is also used as a synonym for dressing, although the expression is not used, so I was saying that it is very easy to confuse it with the other interpretation. For example, in Catalonia, using the expression “Un home trempat…” refers to a man straight and firm, although eschatologically the other interpretation is applied, more is admitted.

I encourage you to visit more recipes for tapas, snacks and pinchos  perfect for an unforgettable evening with yours. The fish and seafood recipes  are perfect for a light dinner, a party or just because, a delicious way to share food with friends and the people you love.

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