Muffin. Origin and history and our best recipes

Let us put ourselves in the background and search the gastronomic history to know its origin.

One of the most widespread versions says that back in the year 1755, the cook of Stanislas Leszczynski, King of Poland and Duke of Lorraine.

This was commissioned by the king to develop an unpublished recipe that would surprise his guests. Her name was Madeleine  and she came through this request gracefully with small, fluffy, round cakes.

History or origin of the madeleines or muffins

King Leszczynski (and the rest of the guests) was amazed by the creation and decided to give them the name of ” madeleines “. From here they spread to other European Courts and little by little they achieved great notoriety.

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However, another story that circulates about its origin is the one I like the most, since it is related to my Galician land. A young woman named Magdalena is said to have served pilgrims arriving in Santiago de Compostela with small conch-shaped cakes.

Given their success, they spread over the rest of the Camino de Santiago until they reached Europe. Whether it’s one story or the other, I encourage you to make cupcakes at home.

Let the story be yours and that you can eat the authentic homemade madeleines , without preservatives or dyes, the real ones. And let’s leave the debate of whether madeleines, muffins or muffins , the differences are minimal.

Our best cupcake and madelein recipes

Madeleines with chocolate coating

How to make French muffins with chocolate topping. The French muffins are the same as the famous madeleines of you will have probably heard. In this case, covered with a chocolate coating at one end to make them even more irresistible, if possible.

Classic cupcakes

How to make fluffy and homemade muffins . A cupcake fresh from the oven, very fluffy and with its top protruding from the base wrapped in curled paper, an image that is difficult to resist.

Lemon muffins and lemon curd fillings

How to prepare some lemon muffins . It is not only about flavoring some classic homemade muffins, but also giving them a touch with a cream, in my opinion, very good, the lemon curd .

Chocolate muffins. 3 different types

Chocolate muffins . A dessert that is a 3 in 1 recipe, since muffins with chocolate flavor have come out of the oven. Another batch with 70% cocoa nuggets and the last one, with more success if possible, with a molten chocolate interior that gives it a touch  of chocolate coulant.  What have I caught you for? You are not going to be able to leave the recipe untested.

Banana and Cinnamon Muffins

How to make some cinnamon banana muffins . Perfect muffins to take advantage of those bananas that get very ripe and we are no longer going to eat, I would say that it is almost a recipe for use.

Orange and almond muffins

Muffins with chopped almonds and a touch of orange , which gives them a refreshing and crisp flavor that can surprise both the family and your guests.

Apple muffins

How to make apple muffins . If you feel like changing the fruit, if you like spices they are great with a pinch of cinnamon, vanilla or a mixture of spices for biscuits, the typical one that we find in many German recipes.

Carrot cupcakes

How to make carrot muffins or muffins . For those of you who are thinking how strange, to see if it will taste like carrots, I will tell you of course not, it doesn’t taste like carrots at all, but it does give this texture and a special and fantastic flavor.

Raspberry and yogurt muffins

How to make raspberry-yogurt muffins or muffins . Combining red berries with dairy will always give a perfect result, like this example with delicious raspberries.

Blueberry Muffins & Cream Cheese

How to make muffins or muffins with blueberries and cream cheese . Some muffins very similar in flavor to those sold at Starbucks to which I am almost addicted, with a perfectly marked blueberry flavor, combined with the softness that cheese cream brings.

Dried tomato and goat cheese savory muffins

How to make salty muffins or muffins with goat cheese and dried tomato . Combine ingredients in a roll that stops being sweet to become a snack or salty starter.

Choose the one you like the most for her. Let’s cook cupcakes!

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