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How to make whipped cream

How to make whipped cream


  • Easy
  • 15 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • 0.4 € / person
  • 308kcal per 100g.
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Whipped cream and whipped cream . What are they and how to prepare them?

Surely many of you (well, of us …) have often used purchased whipped cream .

It is so comfortable, it is so rich (especially in sugars) and for some it is even more fun to serve it under pressure … But do you know that making whipped cream is not as difficult as we think?

The first thing we will do is explain and differentiate what is whipped cream and what is chantilli . Although many people do not differentiate between one and the other, the truth is that there is a small variant: vanilla

What is whipped cream?

  • Whipped cream is a milk cream to which sugar and air are added based on whipping it, so that it takes on body. 
  • What do we need to make whipped cream? We need cream to assemble at least 35% fat, white sugar and some rods , to be able to be electric (the hand mixer of all life).
  • As an optional, additional and exceptional ingredient, you can add a food coloring (to dye the cream in some color to decorate a cake, for example).
  • It must be liquid so that it dissolves better. We will also need two containers : one almost frozen and preferably metallic, to help keep the cream cold, in which we will make the mixture (cream, sugar and coloring) and another narrower and higher where we will beat until we get the texture of the whipped cream.

How to make whipped cream in a few steps and minutes?

Preparation of whipped cream

  1. While the chocolate cream is tempered we prepare the cream. For this we mount the cream (35% fat), remember that the cream must be in the fridge a few hours before mounting so that it is very cold.
  2. Use a stick mixer and start at the minimum speed. You can see the video above so as not to lose any detail of the process.
  3. Once assembled we add the sugar and continue beating until it is well integrated.
  4. We fill a pastry bag with a star nozzle, with whipped cream and sugar and fill each of the cups over the chocolate cream.
  5. We have to be very careful with the fact that the chocolate cream has to be cold before adding the cream to the top.
  6. If we do not have a pastry bag we can use a plastic bag to cut one of its tips.

You can see all the photos of the step by step in this album of whipped cream recipe .

Tricks to keep in mind before preparing your whipped cream.

  1. Fatty matter . We must have our cream with a high percentage of fat (remember, with more than 35% or it will not mount). Forget the calories … or you will not enjoy any dessert. Of course, remember to eat in moderation. 
  2. Cold . The cold when making whipped cream is our other ally (along with fat …). The cream must be very cold, in the fridge. But also the bowl in which we are going to mount it and mix the cream with the sugar. It is recommended to put it in the freezer before preparing our whipped cream. It is also advisable to use a metal bowl, so the cold is preserved and transmitted better. But maybe you need another container to beat it better and not to splash. In that case, we recommend that you have in the fridge, very cold, the glass of the mixer and the rods with which you are going to do the process.
  3. Whipping speed . Although to make whipped cream you only need a few rods (even a fork), the truth is that making the shake manually would take a lot of time and effort … It is recommended to use an electric mixer, either hand-held or a kitchen robot, which he does it alone. You should start beating at medium speed and, when it is frothy and we can start adding the sugar, we increase the speed . At this point we must put our full attention because this is where we get a well-mounted firm cream. If we spend beating we can make a destruction and turn our cream into butter or smoothie … 
  4. Cream of tartar . 1 teaspoon (tsp) of cream of tartar or tartaric acid maintains and increases the volume of the whipped cream, remaining firm and shiny. It is optional, but a great stabilizer. In this case, 1 teaspoon for every 500 ml of 35% MG liquid cream.

The reason for whipping is none other than introducing air into the product: the fat in the cream begins to surround the air bubbles and creates a kind of film that covers it. We aerate it and thus convert a liquid product into a solid. 

  1. Flip. We know that the whipped cream is in its place at the moment that when you turn the container or glass of the mixer the cream does not fall

At the beginning of this article, we warned you that, despite the fact that many people use whipped cream or whipped cream indifferently, the truth is that, despite their apparent similarity, they are not the same. 

What is Chantilly?

There are those who defend that the chantillí is a mixture of meringue and butter cream.

  • Both its texture and its flavor are different from those of whipped cream. However, many chefs and pastry chefs assure that chantillí is a whipped cream cream, sweetened and with a vanilla aroma
  • The origin of this cream dates back to the 17th century . It is credited to the cook François Vatel, who invented it for King Louis II at Chantilly Castle.
  • The difference between the cream created by Vatel and the traditional whipped cream is the delicate touch of vanilla aroma added by the French and the use of icing sugar instead of white sugar in the mix.
  • Icing sugar is a type of sweetener characterized by being pulverized or ground to powder size; therefore it has a softer texture.
  • In addition, icing sugar has among its components a small amount of starch that helps keep cream firm.
  • The proportion of sugar, both to prepare whipped cream or whipped cream is 75 gr for every 200 ml of cream that we use.

How we prepare Chantillí

Otherwise, the preparation is exactly the same:

  1. Cream. We must use whipping cream , which contains at least 35% fat. In other countries it is known as milk cream .
  2. The cold . The cream must be very cold, between 2 and 4º would be ideal. If you just bought the cream, you can speed up the process by putting it in the freezer for 20 minutes. Remember that the bowl you use to mix the ingredients and beat them, as well as the rods, must be very cold.
  3. Vanilla . The original flavoring of Chantilly cream is vanilla, although we can also use others. Ideally, they should be liquid extracts or powders that dissolve completely, so that they do not spoil the texture of the cream.
  4. The sugar. Icing sugar is easier to integrate than ordinary sugar. The sugar is incorporated once it is almost assembled, and no more than two tablespoons at a time. The cream / sugar ratio (to make it sweet) is 250 ml of cream for every six tablespoons of sugar.

One last tip : it is better to whip up a small amount of cream each time . To get an idea, a liter of whipped cream doubles its volume. If you need a lot of cream it is better to repeat the steps to prepare more. 

The process of whipping cream takes less than 5 minutes , so you no longer have an excuse to keep buying the cans from the supermarket. 

As always, you can review all our recipes with whipped cream and be encouraged to try one of them.

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